Betsy’s Birds III

A male cardinal  on our deck.  August 28, 2008.

A male cardinal on our deck. August 28, 2008.

As I’ve mentioned before, Betsy has become fascinated with birds.  She started with hummingbirds a couple of years ago, but has moved on to other species as well.  She started putting out bird seed on the deck and then got a seed bell.  Since then she has been quite successful in attracting birds onto our deck to have a snack.

We also got a bird bath for the back yard which also attracts its share of ‘customers’.  All in all it’s possible to see quite a bit of feathered activity on our deck or in the back yard.  When Betsy is not watching her feathered friends she is online trying to identify the birds she’s seen.

We’ve seen a pair of cardinals for a couple of weeks, but apparently cardinals are shy birds and we couldn’t get close enough to get a picture.  But it rained all day Tuesday and we had errands to run yesterday morning, so it was nearly noon before Betsy was able to put out her bird seed.  I guess the birds missed some meals and were hungry because we had quite a few enjoying their meal.  And to our surprise even the cardinals showed up for a snack and the male stuck around long enough for us to get the picture above.

I wonder what species Betsy will attract next?

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One Response to “Betsy’s Birds III”

  1. Betsy Says:

    You picked a pretty good picture yourself…Love you, Wifey

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