A Young Ninety-Six

My Dad on his 96th Birthday.  August 29, 2008.

My Dad on his 96th Birthday. August 29, 2008.

Yesterday Betsy and I went to Hendersonville to help my father celebrate his 96th birthday.  When we got there he was working in his back yard with my brother and sister clearing some brush.  It’s typical of Dad that he wouldn’t even take his birthday as a day off.

It’s  not often that my brother, Ken,and my sister, Janet, and I can all get together at the same time, so it was rather special to have the three of us — and our spouses — together to celebrate Dad’s birthday.

I’ll have to admit that Dad has slowed down a little bit, and we found out last week that he is now legally blind.  But even that hasn’t stopped him — he keeps doing the best he can.  I’m proud to be his son.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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One Response to “A Young Ninety-Six”

  1. Judy Jones Says:

    And he is proud to be your father, GE. You are a very good son, and Bets is like a daughter instead of a daughter in law.

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