Betsy’s Birds IV

A goldfinch at our thistle mesh bag. September 9, 2008.

I’ve written several times about Betsy’s new-found infatuation with birds.  I have to admit that right now the birds rank right up there with the weather as far as Betsy is concerned.

I think Betsy’s favorite bird at the moment is the cardinal.  But for several weeks we’ve had glimpses of a goldfinch in the yard.  We’ve never been able to get a picture of it until yesterday.  The picture above isn’t very good, but we did at least get a picture.  After we got this picture we saw two goldfinch around a different feeder, but couldn’t get a good picture because of the screen between us and the feeder.

The bird is getting thistle seeds from the mesh bag.  Evidently goldfinch are particularly fond of thistles, because Betsy got another feeder and filled it with a mixture including thistle seeds and that quickly got the attention of the goldfinches.

The American Goldfinch is a gregarious bird and can be found in small groups during the breeding season and in flocks during the winter.  Hopefully they will continue to be attracted by Betsy’s feeders year around.

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