A Rose A Day

Roses on our dining room table.  September 21, 2008.

Roses on our dining room table. September 21, 2008.

I’ve been growing roses for over 25 years.  I started growing roses when I lived in North Carolina.  The only time I haven’t had roses during those years is when I lived in South Carolina and the first couple of years I lived in Tennessee.

While I was in North Carolina I was of course much younger.  And even though I was teaching full time,  I think I had more time to devote to roses.  For several years I grew test roses for Jackson & Perkins (very interesting since I never knew what roses I would get in any year) and at one point I had over 100 roses in our yard.

I don’t have nearly that many roses now and I no longer grow test roses.  But I  do have enough roses that I can continue a habit I started back in North Carolina —  I try to bring in a fresh rose bud each morning.  There are some mornings when I can’t find one to bring in, but at other times we’ll have several roses on our dining room table.

I have to admit that I try to sneak the roses in while Betsy is not looking.  Meanie that I am, I like to see how long it is before she notices them.  But I’m glad Betsy enjoys our roses as much as I do.  So  I guess I’ll just continue to bring in a rose a day.

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