Autumn Color Arrives in the Glade

Autumn color in Fairfield Glade.  October 5, 2008.

Autumn color in Fairfield Glade. October 5, 2008.

As the picture above shows we are finally beginning to get some autumn color here in the Glade.  The tree is across the street from us and so far is the only one with vibrant color on our street.

As I’ve said several times, we are in the midst of a drought here in eastern Tennessee.  The leaves on most of the trees in our yard have just turned brown, but they are still hanging on.  The only things still falling from the trees are the acorns.

I drove past a couple of the lakes here in the Glade yesterday.  The lakes are below their usual level, but the trees around the lake are at least starting to show some color.  So there is at least some hope that we will have a little color here in the Glade.

But if I want to see some spectacular Tennessee autumn colors I guess I’ll have to look at some of our pre-drought pictures.

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