Driving Through Western New York

Lake Ontario at 30 Mile Point, New York.  October 25, 2008.

Lake Ontario at 30 Mile Point, New York. October 25, 2008.

Kelly and Chuck (my daughter and her husband) have lived in the Buffalo, New York, area for a little over a year.  One of the things Kelly talked about last year was apple picking, so she planned on taking us to an orchard while we were up there.

One thing about Buffalo that impressed us was that you could quickly get into the countryside from the city.  I’ll admit that I didn’t realize there was so much agriculture just outside Buffalo.

Kelly and Chuck took us to Lynoaken Farm, an orchard that allowed you to pick your own apples.  Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there, so we picked our apples from bins rather than from trees.  But they sure taste good anyway!

We also visited an Amish store (Yoder’s Country Cupboard) and another farm, Brown’s Berry Patch.  Brown’s has been a family farm for over 200 years and was interesting to visit.  In addition to growing all kinds of fruit, Brown’s also made some delicious ice cream — which we just had to sample!!

Since Betsy likes lighthouses, we also visited Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is near Brown’s and is one of a series of lighthouse on the shore of Lake Ontario.

To see more of our drive through western New York click HERE.

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