What Is She Trying to Tell Me?


As I’ve mentioned before, Betsy and I give each other Christmas ornaments at Christmas.  The ornaments usually commemorate a major event during the year or convey a special message.

This year Betsy gave me a very cute ‘Honey-Do List’ Santa.  As you can see in the picture above, Santa is carrying a ladder and holding a very long list of things that need to be done.

My first reaction when I opened the present was “Isn’t this a cute ornament”.  My second thought was “What is she trying to tell me?”.

On Christmas morning Betsy told me to stop being paranoid and enjoy the day.  After some hesitation I took her advice and we had a marvelous day.

Ah, but the day after Christmas arrived.  And what did I do?

1.  Replace the large wind chime torn apart by last week’s storms.
2.  Repair the three wind chimes less badly  damaged in those same storms.
3.  Replace a roof shingle we found in the back yard.
4.  Remove the leaves that Betsy raked from the front yard.
5.  Remove a blooming dandelion Betsy found while raking leaves.
6.  Replace the lanyard on the flag pole in front of the house.
7.  Repair and reinforce a small retaining wall that had fallen down.

Honey, can you please find me a sleeping Santa ornament for next year?

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25 Responses to “What Is She Trying to Tell Me?”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Aw love the ornament. You have to look at it as an achievement award. For being a great hubby. And you already do allot to make your house a home.

  2. happily retired gal Says:

    Hehehe … perhaps she knows you better than you know yourself? Some guys ENJOY being ‘handy’ like this ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. naturegirl Says:

    Betsy is a wise woman giving you a special to do list!

  4. Neal Says:

    George, you have to show her who the boss is. 🙂 Just tell her that you only have two speeds and if she doesn’t like the current speed she sure as heck is not going to like your other speed. 🙂

  5. Happyone Says:

    What a nice way for Betsy to ask you to do things around the house. 🙂

  6. seniorhiker Says:

    Grammy, I’ll try my best to look on the lists as an achievement award, but I’m not sure it will work.
    HRG, it’s nice to be handy — but do the lists have to be so long?
    Neal, Betsy and I already know who’s boss!!!

  7. JLS Hall Says:

    I’ve always believed Christmas ornaments make great gifts. I think your tradition is a wonderful idea.

  8. Hilda Says:

    LOL! And if I find a napping Santa, I’ll let you know so you can tell Betsy 🙂

    I like your little tradition. Very sweet. I hope the two of you had a wonderful, joyous Christmas!

  9. Rose Says:

    Ahh, but just think of all the cooking and cleaning and laundry Betsy probably does! And those jobs are never done!

  10. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    That is funny.I guess the ornament achieved it’s desired purpose without any words.Good one,Betsy.LOL

  11. Gill Says:

    that is funny, at least Betsy is keeping you out of mischief…..

    Gill in Canada

  12. Neal Says:

    George, is this Betsy?
    Favorite sport:
    Age 17: Shopping
    Age 25: Shopping
    Age 35: Shopping
    Age 48: Shopping
    Age 66: Shopping

  13. Leedra Says:

    LOL – love it. Betsy did good!

  14. seniorhiker Says:

    JLS, I’m sure we’ll continue giving each other ornaments, although we may need to get another tree.
    Hilda, please let me know if you find that sleeping Santa — I need it!
    Rose, Betsy does a lot around the house — I just don’t make lists for her.
    Ruth, I must admit that at times Betsy uses her voice along with her list!
    Gill, I’m not sure Betsy would agree that she can keep me out of mischief!
    Neal, Betsy is not much of a shopper. Her favorite sport is making lists.
    Leedra, Betsy is glad to know you think she did good!

  15. babooshka Says:

    I like your wife’s style and may have to use this idea to remind the other half of a few things. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  16. Rambling Woods Says:

    LOL..but you did enjoy the day right?….

  17. Tootie Says:

    George I loved the Christmas ornament story. I know why women learn to make lists, and why men don’t need to make lists for them, but I won’t jump into that discussion. :-)) I might be a little biased. 🙂 How about a Santa in a hammock under a palm tree, next year?

  18. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: I didn’t see an answer from Betsy. I think you require a sleeping Santa and I will metion that to her.

  19. Tina Says:

    ah… come on we all have honey-do lists…and then we have to ask that question, gosh how did I fit a full time job in beween all those honey-do and I wanta do lists!! Enjoyed your posts about your China travel also…would love to visit there some day. You must have had a wonderful time and probably was so educational as well..wow! how nice.

    • seniorhiker Says:

      I’ll admit that Betsy is an expert when it comes to honey-do lists. (Don’t tell her, but I really don’t mind!). I thoroughly enjoyed all my times in China and I like to think that I learned alot.

  20. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    Ah, the power of suggestion. 😀 You’re a good man. There are some who even if it really was a suggestion, would have ignored it.

  21. Brit' Gal' Sarah Says:

    Aww that’s a cute ornament, the hubster gave me two cool ornaments as well, I will blog them this week.

  22. mommywiz Says:

    YOU are such a wonderful man for “taking the hint.” My Hubs could use a lesson or two from you!

    I think you deserve the “sleeping Santa” for sure!



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