Skywatch Friday 26 and an Anniversary

The moon in a blue sky at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee.  January 8, 2009.

The moon in a blue sky at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee. January 8, 2009.

Since Betsy and I enjoyed our trip to Ozone Falls so much on Wednesday, we decided to drive to Fall Creek Falls State Park yesterday.  That park is special to us and contains five waterfalls.  There was relatively little water the last time we were there and we wanted to see what effect the rains of the past two weeks had on them.

There was lots of water, and I’m sure I’ll share more about that in the future.  If you can’t wait, Betsy is better organized than I am and has posted some pictures on her blog.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day on the Plateau.  There wasn’t a cloud in the beautiful blue sky.  As we were driving around the Gorge Scenic Drive, we stopped at an overlook to enjoy the “Grand Canyon of Tennessee”.  As we went back to the car I noticed the moon in a beautiful sky framed by trees along the road.  You can click on the picture to get a bigger view.

Won’t you join the fun of Skywatch Friday?  You can join or view more pictures from around the world by clicking HERE or on the logo below.


On a different note I want to note that I started blogging two years ago today.  I started on a different site but  switched to this site in July, 2008, because of technical problems with the first site.  I have no regrets about making the change at all.

In my first post I wrote “Since U. S. News and World Report stated that one of the things a person could do to improve their life is to start a blog, and since I turn 65 in two months, I thought I would give it a try.”

In that first post I noted that we had had a little snow here in the Glade but that Betsy was wanting more.  I noted that the more it snowed, the happier Betsy became.  I guess some things never change!

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30 Responses to “Skywatch Friday 26 and an Anniversary”

  1. naturegirl Says:

    Congratulations on your second year of posting! Sky watching is a great way to meet and greet! Wonderful moon sky!

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Congrats on two years, that is a big milestone. Thanks for sharing the neat sky shot and also for being my friend.

  3. Ms Hays Says:

    I sooo hope I’m able to travel too some day and see all the places I’ve wanted to see all these years! I’ve got to learn the trick at photographing the moon!

  4. Guy D Says:

    Great shot of the moon, thanks for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

  5. Mildred Says:

    Congratulations George on two years of blogging. This is truly one of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen. The sky is just so blue and the moon so pretty framed by those trees. Thanks!

  6. Connie Says:

    This came out good. When I take a picture of the moon in the sky, it looks like a dot.

  7. Grammy Says:

    Happy Anniversary George. You captured a perfect shot of the day light moon. I tried to get one too. And hubby was in a rush so my shot is not so clear. The camera focused more on the tree branches below the moon. So now I know not to shoot through bare trees. only clear shots. I am learning the hard way. Are you going to a post on your name. I looked up Jozlyn’s name today and it is quit interesting. You can determine a caricature trait in a given name. I am amazed.
    I have a habit of learning more and more as I get older. Wish I had this need as a kid. I may have been now. LOL.

  8. seniorhiker Says:

    Grammy, I got the shot using manual settings on my camera. I’m trying to learn and not use the automatic setting as much. I haven’t forgotten about doing a google on my name, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

  9. theArthurClan Says:

    This is such a beautiful capture of the moon…and beautifully framed in your shot as well. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever taken a good photo of the moon. Your photo has inspired me to practice at it until I can get it right!

  10. Rambling Woods Says:

    That is a beautiful moon….Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. Mine is coming up soon too…

  11. D Says:

    Happy Blogoversary!
    Nice Skywatch post and a beautiful blog.
    I enjoyed my visit here today.

  12. Shelley Says:

    The moon looks so pretty in that blue sky!

  13. Arija Says:

    Congrats. on your second anniversary! That is a fair while to live incyber space.
    Nice shot too.

  14. Mary Says:

    Lovely photo of the moon in the blue sky! Congrats on blogging for 2 I like what you wrote in the first blog and do think it is a great way to improve our lives by getting us out taking photos and writing and interacting with people all over the world. Best to you and Betsy both and lots more blogs to come!

  15. Suzanne Says:

    Beautiful picture!!!!!
    Happy blogiversary. I think 2 years is….hmmmm….what could it be……
    Oh, yeah, KEYBOARD CLEANER. 🙂
    I hope you get some. ha ha.

  16. Carla Says:

    Oh, that is a beautiful picture!

  17. Susie Says:

    George that is a perfect shot, just beautiful! I’m glad to see you got some of my sunshine and blue skies!

  18. Debbie Says:

    Great Sky Watch photo! Mine should be up shortly.

    Happy Blogiversary to you.

    Thanks for the tips about my compost pile. I appreciate it.

  19. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    Happy Bloggerversary! Very nice shot of the moon through the trees.

  20. Jen Says:

    Happy 2 year anniversary!
    I love seeing the moon in a blue sky!

  21. ewok1993 Says:

    Happy blogniversary. I love to see the moon during daytime and you captured it very well.

    Come and see my sky watch entry at my other site:

  22. The Rocky Mountain Retreat Says:

    Well, Happy Blogiversary to you! I’m relatively new to your domain and it’s been a pleasure so far!! I hope to see many more posts from you!

    A beautiful moon shot for your Skywatch as well!!

    Take care!


  23. Tina Says:

    Nice photo of that moon..did you feel like it was keeping its eye on you all day?? Hope you enjoyed your blog anniversary. You two will have to frame that double rainbow!!

  24. Neal Says:

    That’s a very nice shot George. I’ve always liked moon shots.

  25. happilyretired Says:

    Happy second Blogoversary! I celebrated a year of blogging at the end of October … so it’s been about 15 months for me, but I do enjoy it very much. This is a wonderful photo and I’m looking forward to seeing how this evening’s photos look in my computer when I download them because I snapped some of the full moon just a little while ago. I also took photos of pelicans, seagulls, surf, dolphins, a whale and a seal … in addition to lots of palm trees and sky … using my new camera as I visited and walked with my sister this afternoon. My Sky Watch posts are at Sacred Ruminations and Happily Retired Gal today, but thanks for visiting Small Reflections earlier. I love my new camera ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  26. robert v sobczak Says:

    That’s a big milestone. Congratulations. Nothing better than a crisp blue winter sky to frame the moon, and no leaves on the trees to block it (or the wind). I was just up in Maryland, it didn’t get warmer than high 30s the entire stay. That was a reality check.

  27. tanya Says:

    Beautiful skywatch photo and Happy Anniversary!

  28. mommywiz Says:

    Ha! I love that snow reference… it’s true, some things never change.

    Congratulations on blogging for two years. That’s a great feat indeed.

    I looove the moon photo too! 🙂


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