The Glade is Deer to Us

Deer on the golf course behind our house.  March 3, 2009.

Deer on the golf course behind our house. March 3, 2009.

Tuesday afternoon Betsy called to me to get my camera and come into the living room.  There were deer on the golf course behind our house.

I know Betsy told you about the deer in her blog of Wednesday morning and she used some of the pictures we took.  But I couldn’t resist playing around with Picasa and making the collage above.  Picasa has been one of the nice bonuses of our new computers.

The weather has finally moderated here and I was able to get some work done in the yard yesterday afternoon.  I got two roses planted — Spellbound and Radiant Perfume.  They’re replacements for two roses that didn’t survive our two-year drought, so they don’t  change the varieties we have.  I have some other roses that need to be planted, so I hope the weather continues to be mild.

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18 Responses to “The Glade is Deer to Us”

  1. Mildred Says:

    I love the collage George. I wish you a happy birthday next week and a safe trip. Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  2. Shelley Says:

    I enjoy using Picasa – I must try that collage function. Yours of the deer is very nice! I hear you have a birthday coming up….

  3. Susie Says:

    I hope your weather stays mild for you George. Neat collage!

  4. Suzanne Says:

    I LOVE the title. You are so witty. 🙂

  5. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: That is an interesting collage. Thanks for sharing the neat look at the friendly deer. I do love to see them.

  6. Mary Says:

    The deer are beautiful and your collage is a very nice way of showing them!

  7. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Your collage looks great.About planting rose,good for you,it will be a long timebefore we think of planting anything outside.

  8. Pat - Arkansas Says:

    Deer me! How lovely to look outside and see so many of these beautiful creatures. Nice collage, George. I have yet to use that function in Picasa. Maybe one of these days.

  9. Carla Says:

    Nice collage! I enjoy using that function in Picasa also. And I never tire of seeing the deer around here.

  10. Indrani Says:

    Lucky you!
    Deer around you!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    (Didn’t intend to rhyme it, but it rhymed.:))

    I just need to add: May God bless you!

  11. Happyone Says:

    I love seeing deer and never tire of seeing them.
    I saw a few more today on my walk – no pictures though.

  12. Judy Says:

    You are lucky to get the photos of them. My associates scare the wildlife away, most of the time.

  13. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    LOL! I like the header.
    Deer are such lovely, elegant animals. Excellent shots too. Picasa is addictive. I give you that.

    I wish for good planting wheather for you and Betsy, George. I also look forward to seeing lots of lovely shots from your garden through the summer 🙂

  14. Tina Says:

    I always love seeing deer..and this was a fairly large herd! Neat that you can see them from your house..glad you are liking picasa! I hear it has some cool features.

  15. Connie Says:

    Nice picture.

  16. Carrizo Says:

    Nice job You made with Picasa.

  17. Valkyrien Says:

    Those are truly beautiful animals! I see them sometimes where I live, but never got the chance to capture them with the camera. They run too fast! And here you have a lot of them!

  18. SacredRuminations Says:

    What a lovely collage of deer and how wonderful you were able to plant some roses. I’ll look forward to seeing photos of beautiful blossoms soon!
    Hugs and blessings,

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