Shunkawauken Falls

Shunkawauken Falls, Columbus, North Carolina.  May 20, 2008.

Shunkawauken Falls, Columbus, North Carolina. May 20, 2008.

My last post showed a view of the western North Carolina countryside from White Oak Mountain.  In the post I mentioned that there was a waterfall behind me as I took that picture.  So I thought I would show you the waterfall today.

Shunkawauken Falls consists of multiple drops and cascascads totaling hundreds of feet, but it is impossible to see the entire falls from a single  vantage point.  The falls is mostly on private land, but the 150 foot drop shown above is the main fall in the upper drop and is visible from  White Oak Mountain Road.

The waterfall was known as Horse Creek Falls until 1891, when the name was changed to honor an Indian chief from the area.

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20 Responses to “Shunkawauken Falls”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Thats pretty cool looking George. Wonder how you would pronounce that name? That’s a good size drop at 150 feet.
    oh and I left a little something for you on my blog. =)

  2. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Stunning waterfall. Thanks for sharing this wonderful feature. A nice thing with the name change. Must have been apprecieted by the indian community. It is a bit of a mouthfull but at the same time magical sort of name.

  3. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    That is a very pretty falls,thanks for showing it.

  4. Susie Says:

    That’s a lovely picture George! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Busy bee suz Says:


  6. Mildred Says:


  7. Tina Says:

    An interesting waterfall. I think one of the challenges of photographing water falls is how to find the best view and still achieve depth of field for the viewer. Your shot is great….and what a mouthful that name can get caught up in all those syllables and make its name sound longer than it actually is…. ;-0

  8. theArthurClan Says:

    Another beautiful capture George!

  9. imac Says:

    Now, thats beautiful George, I think water is a fab thing to photograph.

  10. Tricia Says:

    Oh so gorgeous! I love to see the photos from places you two travel!!!

  11. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Tough name for a neat falls, very scenic.

  12. Indrani Says:

    I clicked to enlarge and see, it is beautiful.

  13. Happyone Says:

    Another great falls photo.
    We just watched a DVD from the history channel (got it in the library) all about the history of Niagara Falls – really good!!

  14. Grammy Says:

    A wonderful photo. I am amazed at how much you know about the history of places. Are you a history buff too?
    I did not know I was till I got into family tree research. Now I was to know every thing.

  15. Rambling Woods Says:

    I was thinking of you and Betsy as I wrote my post today and all your adventures that you share…Michelle

  16. Neal Says:

    Waterfalls are always good!

  17. Josephine Says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of all the waterfalls, and hiking trails. They can sure brighten up a dull Winter’s day 😉

  18. Janie of Utah Says:

    The falls is beautiful, especially enlarged.

  19. Mary Says:

    Beautiful! You and Betsy have seen so many waterfalls, I don’t know how you keep them all straight!

  20. Rose Says:

    That is a waterfall I would really enjoy! I love the multiple drops.

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