My World # 27

Crown Point High School, circa 1960.

Crown Point High School, circa 1960.

This is my posting for the My World meme.  Last week over 120 people shared their world through this meme.  To see more of our fascinating world, or to join and share your world, click HERE.

The picture above is another taken from a slide made many years ago.  The school is Crown Point High School from which I graduated in 1960.  CPHS  was a city school and I lived out in the country, so I had to take the bus each day.  The school had about a thousand students when I was there.

I have to admit that the athletic teams were not very good while I was a student there.  An addition to the school which included a new gymnasium was completed in time for my senior year.  Our basketball team celebrated by losing every game that season!  The football team wasn’t that much better.  Fortunately our marching band (and other musical groups) was very good.  It was said in town that people went to the football games to see the band.

I wasn’t involved in either the athletic or music programs.  I did, however, write for the school newspaper my last two years.  Our school mascot was a bulldog, named George.  My senior year I had a column titled ‘George Sez…’, but they used a drawing of the bulldog in the header.  The editor said the bulldog looked better than I did!  (I hope she was kidding).

A new Crown Point High School as built about ten years ago, but this building was an important part of My World.

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20 Responses to “My World # 27”

  1. Indrani Says:

    Another amazing part of your World, may be you can share what you have written in the column those days.

    Hope you had a Great Easter!
    I was holidaying.

  2. marites1034 Says:

    it’s just so nice to be able to get back to the past. I wonder how my old schools look now.

  3. babooshka Says:

    Another very personal post full of memories we can all relate to one way or another. My old school has had a makeover but it’s still the place that make me feel most nostlagic

  4. Grammy Says:

    That was not nice for him to say about the dog. I like the George Sez title. They were asking you to put words in his mouth.

  5. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: What a wonderous age we grew up in. Fast cars, record hops and rock and roll music, with words you could relate with.

  6. Busy bee suz Says:

    How interesting!!!
    I think you are much cuter than any old bulldog!!!

  7. Carolyn on Haida Gwaii Says:

    What an interesting post. I had such a hard time at school I have never wanted to go back physically or emotionally but maybe it could be a good thing….nothing is all bad. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Susie Says:

    That’s a neat looking school. Reminds me of my high school.

  9. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Not an attractive building as such but then school buildings seldom are. They are built to serve a purpose other than astetic values.
    Still it was really nice to read yet another snippet of your life dear friend. It’s starting to become like a puzzle and it’s just important to find the right gap for all the little pieces.
    Unless you have gone through a metamorphosis George, then I would say that you are definately better looking than a bulldog (or were even back then).

  10. Mildred Says:

    Interesting picture and post today and I like the bulldog story George!

  11. Erin Says:

    a very informative post…and i did enjoy reading.

    i was lucky to start in a new high school building upon entering high school in fall 1969 in california…it was a beautiful campus in comparison to the old campus buildings. and, i worked on the yearbook my senior year 🙂

    have a good week.

  12. Mary Says:

    Sure brings back the memories of my own high school. I bet your column in the newspaper was very good.

  13. Louise Cannon Says:

    I like this post. My dad graduated the same year that you did, and I liked his class better than my own! High school then had to be the best in all of history!

  14. theArthurClan Says:

    That’s so funny that you shared a name with the mascot. That was perfect for your column!

  15. Martha Says:

    I like to revisit the places I knew in my youth. Ofter they have changed so much I hardly remember them.

  16. Brit' Gal Sarah Says:

    Nice post George, I think it’s great you’re breathing new life into your slides! 1000 students was a pretty big school!

  17. Antigoni Says:

    Great school. I’m sure you have great memories. I wrote for the school paper when i was in high school and for my church’s magazine when i was twenty five. Unforgetable days!

  18. zeal4adventure Says:

    Thanks for sharing a part of your life. That was a funny story about you haveing the same name as the bulldog… High School was indeed precious, this was where I made my friends for life. Great post!

  19. Arija Says:

    Isn’t it odd how we often go back to memories of schooldays when we get a tad older. Memories, some good some not so good, all part of our makeup.
    Love your odd little Tulips in the post below.

  20. Jean Says:

    Hi! I found your photo CPHS online. My Dad Mr. Georgas was an Art teacher at CPHS while you were there. I enjoyed seeing the photo you posted. That’s the way I remember the school when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories.

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