My World # 33

My boyhood home on Court Street.  July, 2000.

My boyhood home on Court Street. July, 2000.

This is my post for the My World meme.  It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Wren, Louise and Fishing Guy.  Last week there were 100 people sharing their worlds.  To see more of our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

The house in the picture above is the first house I remember from my childhood.  It’s on Court Street in Crown Point, Indiana.  This picture is a scan from a slide made in 2000, but we moved from that house when I was six.  I was amazed to find that it was still standing.

When we lived in the house there were two large trees in front between the sidewalk and the street.  Mom, Dad, my little brother and I lived on the second floor.  Another couple with two children the ages of my brother and me lived on the first floor.  During good weather we would all play together in front of the house and on the porch.

The kindergarten that I attended was on Court Street and my grandmother also lived on that same street.  So Court Street was a major part of my world for a few years.

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9 Responses to “My World # 33”

  1. Rose Says:

    This is one of those houses I would pass and wish I could look inside! How lucky you were to live close to your grandmother….

  2. Susie Says:

    That’s interesting the house was divided by upper and lower living quarters. I guess you always had someone to play with.

  3. Busy bee suz Says:

    What a wonderful home George. I wonder if it is still a 2 family home?

  4. Happyone Says:

    Love those old houses.
    They have so much character to them.

  5. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: What a neat look at the homestead, my old place burnt to the ground and is only a memory.

  6. Mary Says:

    Looks great….love old houses. Wish I had better photos of the house I grew up in…especially inside.

  7. imac Says:

    Happy memories.

  8. Josephine Says:

    A fine home George. Old houses have such character, and what fine memories you must have of it.
    I suppose we all do the same as you, when passing a home where we spent our childhood, or as a young just married couple, it takes us back to those times, and for a moment, we are transported there, once again.

  9. marites Says:

    childhood memories always hold good things to remember by:) It’s good that you live near your grandmother.

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