It’s Going to be Hard to Leave

Big Rose Bed, Fairfield Glade.  May 23, 2009.

Big Rose Bed, Fairfield Glade. May 23, 2009.

The picture above shows some of the roses in our large rose bed.  That bed contains 22 roses, but not all of them have bloomed yet.  But I can say that scenes like this make all the work very worthwhile.

Betsy and I are going to be visiting friends for a couple of days.  Judy and Charlie have a cabin in the western North Carolina and we’re going over there later today.  We met Judy and Charlie when Betsy and I lived in Hendersonville.  They still live there, but we have remained close.

This visit is for relaxation and to give Betsy and Judy an opportunity to ‘talk’.  Whether the talking will leave time for eating and sleeping remains to be seen.

I don’t think this trip will include any waterfall visits, although there are several in the area.  I’m taking some reading and may even get in a nap or two.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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11 Responses to “It’s Going to be Hard to Leave”

  1. JLS Hall Says:

    Beautiful garden! I love that yellow rose in the middle – yellow roses are my favorites. Hope you have a great trip and Betsy gets to do lots of “talking.”

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Have a great trip and enjoy the mountains of NC, I’m sure some waterfalls are about to be invaded.

  3. Susie Says:

    Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe trip George.

  4. NCmountainwoman Says:

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy your R&R.

  5. Busy bee suz Says:

    Have a great time…your roses will miss you too!!

  6. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Have fun,listening to the women talk.LOL

  7. theArthurClan Says:

    I hope you all have a wonderful time George…your weekend sounds like it is going to be so relaxing. Wish mine were going to be like that too! 🙂

  8. Valkyrien Says:

    Wish you both a great weekend George! And your beautiful flowers will be there waiting for your “green fingers”! 😉

  9. Mary Says:

    Have a good trip!

  10. karin Says:

    I can’t decide which one of your gorgeous roses is my favorite! To me they are all prize worthy. Enjoy your time with wonderful friends! Have a safe trip. Be blessed.

  11. Rose Says:

    I would hate leaving without seeing all the rose bloom, yet the friends would be more important.

    What kind of books do you like to read?

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