Scenic Sunday # 47

Morning view at the Otto cabin.  May 30, 2009.

Morning view at the Otto cabin. May 30, 2009.

This is my post for the Scenic Sunday meme, which shares beautiful scenes from around the world.  To see more Scenic Sunday posts, or to join and show your own pictures, click HERE.

I lived in Black Mountain, North Carolina, from 1972 – 1985 and learned to love the mountains of western North Carolina.  So when our friends Judy and Charlie invited us to join them for a few days at their cabin near Otto, North Carolina, it didn’t take us long to take them up on their offer!

The picture above is the view from their deck, looking west in the not-so-early morning.  But the mountains and the Carolina Blue sky make it a scene to enjoy over and over again.

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13 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 47”

  1. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: What a wonder to view, that was a grand place.

  2. Suz Says:


  3. MaryBeth Says:

    What a wonderf view. I love a view and feel so fortunate that I have one from my deck. Almost like that one. I always tell Betsy we live in a beautiful country–everywhere we find beauty.

    I love your roses. MB

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    Supposed to be wonderful view. LOL MB

  5. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    A scene like that would be reason enough to get up every morning.Fantastic.

  6. Tammie Says:

    Your photos truly show the beauty of this land!

  7. Rambling Woods Says:

    So you are a southern gentleman George? Hmmm..I married a native New Yorker…very different..LOL..Beautiful photo..You and Betsy enjoy your Sunday..

  8. Karen Says:

    I love those Tennessee mountains, and this captures them very well.

  9. Ginger Says:

    There is nothing on earth that can rival the scenery of the NC mountains! Good choice for your first Scenic Sunday.

  10. The Explorer Says:

    For me this one is wonderful. Thanks

  11. Josephine Says:

    I can’t think of anywhere more breathtaking than those mountains.
    Love the pictures George !

  12. Happyone Says:

    How nice that to have that view every day!!

  13. Susie Says:

    I could sit and stare at that view all day long George.

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