What Goes Down Must Come Up

The view from Overlook 1, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia.  June 23, 2009.

The view from Overlook 1, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia. June 23, 2009.

The picture above was taken from Overlook 1 at Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia.  The park contains six waterfalls, which made it a perfect place for Betsy and I to be on our anniversary.  I’ll tell you more about the park and the gorge itself in a future post.  Right now I simply want to say that the picture above was taken about 750 feet above of the floor of the gorge.  And I also want to direct your attention to the white water just to the right of center in the photo.  That white water is all that can be seen of Hurricane Falls from this overlook.

We had to be content with viewing the waterfalls from the rim because access to the floor of the gorge is by permit only.  So we walked along the North Rim Trail taking in the truly magnificent views.

When we got to Overlook 3 we saw a sign pointing to the trail and steps to a suspension bridge over the river above Hurricane Falls.  Since Betsy has more sense than I do, she said she would wait at the overlook while I hiked down to the bridge.  So off I went.

When I got to the bridge I admired the view and (naturally) took some pictures.  Then I noticed another sign pointing to steps leading down to the Hurricane Falls Observation Deck.  Having more curiosity than sense I started down this new set of steps.

Hurricane Falls, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia.  June 23, 2009.

Hurricane Falls, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia. June 23, 2009.

Before long I found myself on a deck about five feet above the floor of the gorge with the beautiful view of Hurricane Falls seen in this second photo.  As I took more pictures I decided that the hike down was definitely worth it.

It was about then that I realized that I was now some 570 steps below Betsy and that the only way out was up.  I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but the hike up took much longer than the hike down.  On Sunday I had told my son that I didn’t feel 67.  After only about 200 of those steps up I felt each and every day of those years!

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13 Responses to “What Goes Down Must Come Up”

  1. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Those are beautiful captures of the falls. I don’t think I understand why it took longer on the return trip. It was the same distance after all. LOL

  2. Hilda Says:

    Oops. I hope the steps weren’t tiny and steep then!
    Fabulous photo of waterfall though! I think it was worth it. But then, I wasn’t the one climbing up those steps!

  3. imac Says:

    Great captures George.
    Theres more strain on the legs(even young ones)coming down than going up.

  4. Happyone Says:

    What a great view!!
    At least you made it all the way back up. Not many 67 year olds would even attempt it. Good for you!! 🙂

  5. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    You made it to the top.Good for you!The pictures are great.

  6. Jen Says:

    Your pictures indicate it was worth the trip.

  7. LEEDRA Says:

    I will say that pic was worth it, but of course I was NOT the one that went down without thinking about the hike back out of there. Think Betsy took time to think that one through. Glad you took the photograph to share with us, because I won’t be going there.

  8. Louise Cannon Says:

    I’m shocked that going up was harder than coming down! But I’ve got to give you a LOT of credit for doing it and being so active and adventuresome. You’re not old, by ANY means, but a lot of people your age ACT old!

  9. Grammy Says:

    Wonderful photos.George. you are quite an adventurer.I would have to be pulled up the hill to make it . LOL

  10. Judy Says:

    I am so grateful that you took the trip down all those stairs, and back up again! I think the shot of the falls is worth it!! But then, I am sitting in my comfy chair…

  11. Reader Wil Says:

    Your photos are worth the descent down . But I can understand that climbing up takes much more time.Thanks for taking the trouble for sharing this.

  12. Rose Says:

    This is another photo that really makes me think back to childhood…I have always loved waterfalls.

  13. Bryan Says:

    Yeah, those Tallulah Gorge steps are so much more fun going down. I recently (two months ago) went down to the Gorge Floor and hiked around the trail-less areas there. It involved crossing the river and walking on angled rock faces. After going and coming back, those steps were doubly not welcome.

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