Our Prius — Definitely NOT a clunker

Mrs. P in the north Georgia Mountains.  August 2, 2009.

Mrs. P in the north Georgia Mountains. August 2, 2009.

I’m sure Betsy and I will have quite a bit to say about our trip to Florida in the days ahead, but now I want to tell you about the unsung partner in all our travels.  There’s a lot of talk about clunkers nowadays, but our Prius — Mrs. P — is definitely not a clunker.

We got Mrs. P in February, 2005.  Since then we have traveled many miles — some of them on interstates and some on less-well maintained roads.  Mrs. P has successfully traveled along snow-covered forest service dirt roads in the mountains and successfully gotten over and through wash-outs that turned back jeeps.

Last Sunday we were in the mountains of north Georgia searching for some waterfalls.  We knew there was a stream with two waterfalls on them about two miles from a ranger station.  The sign in the photo above (enlarge the picture to read it more clearly) was on the opposite side of the road from the station.

Mrs. P handled the road with no problems.  I just could not resist taking this picture on our way back.  I wonder where Mrs. P will take us next?

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16 Responses to “Our Prius — Definitely NOT a clunker”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That’s great you little car handles so well on all your travels. I can’t imagine how many miles you all have proably put on your car just in the last year alone. At least gas prices are lower and I am sure that helps a lot.

  2. JLS Hall Says:

    Mrs. P sounds like a very brave little car! Our Northern Virginia area is beginning to look like Prius Central – seems like every other car you see is one of those.

  3. Happyone Says:

    So nice to have reliable car and one that you love! 🙂

  4. Carletta Says:

    I’d say from that reflection in the door panel that Mrs. P is also well taken care of!

  5. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    A good ‘Friend’ like Mrs.P is priceless.

  6. Carla Says:

    Toyotas are great! I have a very old Corolla that is very reliable. And if cars could think…mine would probably wonder if I think it’s a jeep. I’ve explored a lot of these Tennessee unpaved, hilly and rutty roads in it.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    Mrs. P is definitely a keeper!

  8. Susie Says:

    We too have a toyota camry. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and still going strong.

  9. Tricia Says:

    What kind of gas mileage does it get? It has to be really good, cuz it’s a small car. I have a Kid Optima & Kia’s don’t get as good gas mileage as they say – mine gets about 24-25 miles to a gallon, which is NOT GOOD for how small it is. Oh well – I may look into getting a Prius next time. Thanks

  10. Tootie Says:

    George, Your tribute to Mrs P is great! 🙂 I know your Betsy appreciates what a wonderful partner she has in you. How could she not have enjoyed such a perfect birthday outing?

  11. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: What a great ad for Toyota.

  12. Antigoni Says:

    You are great travelers. All of you. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls….. you live a great life. Hope you had great time on your vacations to Florida.

  13. imac Says:

    What would you do without MreP and your camera George, = no fantastic shots.

  14. Rose Says:

    Another Camry owner here…well former owner. We sold it to my husband’s cousin at 150,000 miles and it is still going strong. I cannot even think how many Camrys Neal has owned.

    We have a Rav4 now and love it….

    I have talked to other Prius owners and they have all loved their vehicle. I won’t say I loved the Camry, but I loved its dependableness. I prefer to sit up higher.

    Oh, I also wanted to thank you for personally responding to my blog post today.

  15. Rambling Woods Says:

    Welcome back George..You and Betsy were missed. I would love to get a Prius, but my older Camry will have to go a bit longer…Glad you had a safe and happy trip…Michelle

  16. MaryBeth Says:

    Don’t we just love our cars. My friend Deena and I have taken many a perilous trip in her car—’96 Dodge Neon and it has taken us over many a logging trail, up to fire lookouts and down to the ocean. Never protesting—he just knows he can get the job done. Her car is a HE named Milo. MB

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