Bali Sunset

Sunset at Kunta Beach, Bali.  June, 1987.

Sunset at Kunta Beach, Bali. June, 1987.

This is my post for Skywatch Friday, a meme for sharing views of the sky from all over the world.  To see more, or to join and share your own photos of the sky, click HERE.

The picture above is a scan from a slide made at Kunta Beach on the island of Bali.  The sun had already dropped below the horizon when the resort turned on lights along the beach.  The green of the lights provided an interesting contrast with the blue of the Pacific and the sky.  The orange glow on the horizon is just an added bonus.

The silhouette on the left is a figurine of a Hindu goddess.

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15 Responses to “Bali Sunset”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hi George, this sunset at Bali has such a fantastic glowing colors. What a beautiful place to visit, it must have been a dream vacation.
    Thanks for sharing your memories 🙂

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: You are a world traveler, what a neat shot from the past.

  3. Susie Says:

    I would love to go to Bali. I understand it’s beautiful! Nice pic George! Hope you and Betsy have safe travels these next few weeks.

  4. busy bee suz Says:

    This is gorgeous!!! I am envious of all your world travels!

  5. Mary Says:

    I knew you would have something pretty for Skywatch, and you do 🙂 The colors in this are so unusual.

  6. Joe Todd Says:

    Scrolling thru your blog you are indeed a world traveler and I say good for you. Thanks for the tour. What is your #1 spot to visit

  7. Cheryl Says:

    I would so love to enjoy the view in person, however your photo is almost like being there I’m sure.

  8. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    This would indeed be a gorgeous view to see in person! Your photo is fantastic! Love the dramatic colors and the figurine looking out to sea! Marvelous!

    Have a great weekend, George!


  9. ewok1993 Says:

    I really love that you show us skies from different parts of the world, parts that we could only see thru photos like this.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Rose Says:

    Such a beautiful sunset! I love those colors.

  11. lavoice Says:

    I enjoyed another great photo from your travels. I love SkyWatch as you get to see so much beauty from around the world that I would never see otherwise. Sorry I am late commenting, but kept my great grandson today.

  12. Eileen Says:

    George, what a beautiful sunset. The colors are stunning.

  13. storyteller at Sacred Ruminations Says:

    What a LOVELY sunset view ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Carletta Says:

    You have so many lovely images of memories spent!
    Thisis beautiful!

  15. Karen Says:

    Love the colors.

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