My Bride Left Me!


If you read Betsy’s blog you know that she has left me to spend a few days in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, with her childhood girlfriends.  I’m optimistic that the separation will be temporary and that Betsy will soon be back home.

Betsy and the girls are in a beautiful cabin fairly high up in the mountains above Maggie Valley.  The road to the cabin is probably the worse I’ve driven on.  For the first time I had doubts as to whether our Prius would make it, but it did.  If Betsy had found a place higher in the mountains we would have had to have pack mules.

I don’t want to give you the impression that my beautiful bride heartlessly left me to a long and lonely week.  She wouldn’t do anything like that.  She’s made sure I’m not bored — the lawn will need to be mowed (hopefully for the last time) and then there are all those leaves that are coming down.  As if that’s not enough, we’re getting a delivery of firewood this week and that will need to be stacked.  Oh, yes, and I still have a few spring bulbs that need to be planted.

I’m beginning to think that Betsy timed her vacation perfectly.

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22 Responses to “My Bride Left Me!”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    So sorry you are downcast! Seems to me that Betsy is one smart lady who knows at one stage of the household routine to take a break. She’ll be back when all the chores are done!

  2. Suz Says:

    That picture just made my day George. I know you will be fine and I DO think Betsy calculated her dates just perfectly.
    I also think that secretly, you will be lounging around, unshaven in your boxers, eating ‘man food’ and watching ESPN 24/7.

  3. Susie Says:

    Boy George that picture is pretty sad looking. Think of it this way, you get to be a bachelor, class B this week! Can’t be too bad!

  4. MaryBeth Says:

    Batchin’ it for a few. Smile George because it will be celebration time when Betsy comes home and besides that picture is AWFUL!!! LOL MB

  5. Mary Says:

    Poor George! I bet when she was gone you had a nice time enjoying the solitude and doing as you pleased 🙂 Just make sure the lawn is mowed so she won’t know you were enjoying yourself.

  6. NCMountainwoman Says:

    There’s something a little fakey about that sad face, George! 🙂

    Now get busy with that “Honey Do” list.

  7. Karen Says:

    Betsy will be back before you know it with many stories to tell you. 🙂

  8. imac Says:

    Too right George, have lads night out on the beer.

  9. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: I think you are right, you would think she would be by your side during this tough time of the year. These jobs are going to take twice as long. I see good reason for the sad face my friend. LOL

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Haha..what a sad face! It sounds as if the girls visit WAS timed just right! I hope you get all those chores done….

  11. lavoice Says:

    I know that is not you. I am not sure about you taking over her blog. I am sure she gave her permission. You did a nice job, but I love your flowers too.

  12. lawstude Says:


  13. Kirigalpoththa Says:

    You must plan a beer party with your friends 🙂

  14. diane Says:

    You’re a champ letting her go and fending for yourself and doing the chores. Then you may be enjoying some me time, no nagging, watch your own choice TV da de da. Smile she’ll be back and maybe she’ll have used up her words and give your ears a break….only joking.

  15. Tricia Says:

    Awww poor George! It’ll be ok – She’ll be back soon
    She’s definitely keeping you busy while she’s away – My Goodness!

    Happy bacheloring it

  16. Cookie Says:

    Great pic!
    Enjoy the bachelor pad.

  17. Leedra Says:

    I thought the face was because Betsy left you alone, but as I read further I realize the face is about the list of chores you are left to do while she is gone. Every year about this time Jimmy is saying, one last mowing. He says that about 4 more times before he actually stops. He is so afraid it will snow and there will be SOMETHING showing on top of that beautiful snow. LOL!

  18. Louise Cannon Says:

    You’re “optimistic.” That’s funny! I hope she has a grand time,and you’ll survive. I just left my husband behind (with two young children) for a trip of my own. We both got a lot of raised eyebrows for that. But I think it’s good for everyone once in a while!

  19. Josephine Says:

    Aww George, you look so sad ;(
    Now I know for a fact, that when I leave the huuby alone for a few days, he thinks he is on his holidays….. eating, tv, more eating, net surfing, more eating.
    At the last minute, chores are frantically done, just in time for my return.
    Of course, you could be different 😉
    If you get lonely, stop by for tea and scones !

  20. Rose Says:

    I just caught up with Betsy and the girls…I was wondering what you were doing while she was gone. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy.

  21. Kathy Says:

    LMAO at your picture.

  22. happilyretired Says:

    ROFL … I know I’ve found this post belatedly, but it’s still pretty funny and that Betsy is definitely one clever gal 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

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