Scenic Sunday # 67: Maggie Valley

Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  October 20, 2009.

Maggie Valley, North Carolina. October 20, 2009.

This is my post for the Scenic Sunday meme, which shares beautiful scenes from around the world.  To see more Scenic Sunday posts, or to join and show your own pictures, click HERE.

Betsy has been in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, since Tuesday.  She said that the colors had just exploded over the past couple of days, but I thought the scenery was pretty good on Tuesday.  The picture above was taken on the deck of the cabin they’ve rented.  I’m looking forward to seeing the view when I pick Betsy up today.

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10 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 67: Maggie Valley”

  1. Eileen Says:

    It is a beautiful photo of the mountains and pretty blue sky.

  2. Blessing Reflections Says:

    Beautiful mountain scene!

  3. MaryBeth Says:

    Beautiful shot. The colors have been exceptional this year. Seems like everywhere else too. MB

  4. Becky Says:

    Beautiful George, have a safe trip!!!

  5. Riet Says:

    That is a wonderful photo. The colours are so beautiful

  6. Rose Says:

    Looking out and seeing the mountains ablaze with colot is one thing I sure miss from home. Take more pictures when you pick her up!

  7. Neal Says:

    I love Maggie Valley. We were through there a couple years ago when the leaves were just beautiful.

  8. kitty Says:

    I love how the whole hillside is a sea of autumn colours! Fantastic picture!

  9. Cheryl Says:

    Lovely colors. Enjoy your trip to and fro!

  10. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Certainly is beautiful.

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