Memories of Centennial Park

My very first picture of Betsy. Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee. April 7, 2001.

I’m really beginning to like rainy days.  On rainy days I can work on pictures at my computer without feeling guilty.

Betsy and I had our first date on March 29, 2001.  It was a dinner date to discuss the Bible classes that I missed when my work took me out of town.  (That topic never came up).

I thought the dinner date went well, but Betsy was ‘busy’ when I asked her out again.  In spite of that rejection I wanted to see her again, so I took a picture of the spring flowers in bloom in Centennial Park, Nashville, (I worked near the park) and e-mailed it to her with an invitation to go there with me on Saturday morning.  The tulips must have been irresistible because she said ‘yes’.

Centennial Park has beautiful gardens as well a unique feature — a full-sized replica of the Parthenon.  The exterior was being refurbished while we were there, but the main hall with the statue of Athena and an art gallery in the lower level were both open.  We enjoyed our visit to both levels of the Parthenon.

I didn’t have my camera on our first date, but I had it when we were at Centennial Park.  The picture above is the very first picture I took of Betsy (I’ve taken a few more since then).  If you would like to see more of our morning at Centennial Park click HERE.

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8 Responses to “Memories of Centennial Park”

  1. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: Why you are a tricky ones, flowers work most of the time. It really did that time.

  2. MaryBeth Says:

    Rainy days can be fun specially when we look at pictures of our loved ones. Sweet picture of Betsy.

    BTW: the muddy girls pictures happened when the girls were going to go talk to the horses and then decided to clean the water trough and when it got muddy they really got into their work—LOL. They were just silly and you should have seen the laundry room before thay cleaned it up not to mention themselves. All in good fun of course. MB

  3. Tricia Says:

    Now that’s a 1st & how romantic & thoughtful you are! That’s the way to get her attention & win her heart, George! You did G R R R E A T!!!!

  4. Rose Says:

    Betsy’s outfit matches the tulips! Wonder if she planned that?

  5. Leedra Says:

    Very pretty flowers, but don’t think that was what the photo shoot was about. Tricky getting her to stand in front of the tulips. She sure does look happy.

  6. imac Says:

    You Ol romantic you George.

    Pleased you asked again.

  7. Karin Says:

    Love hearing about your love story!

  8. busy bee suz Says:

    I don’t know if it was the tulips that she could not say “no” to!!!
    Cute photo and great B & G History. 😉

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