Blue Sky and Ice

Ice build-up behind our house, Fairfield Glade. January 15, 2010.

The picture above was taken behind our house yesterday and does a pretty good job of describing Tennessee weather over the past week or so.

First the good news — the sky is blue and the shadows in foreground mean that the sun is shining.  Both of those things have been in short supply this year.

The bad news is the ice build-up on the rocks.  This is a ‘natural area’ on the edge of the fairway.  It is normally bare rock, although there is often moisture on the rock from run-off further up the hill.  The ice is a reminder of how cold it has been so far this year.  We have never seen ice this thick on these rocks.

I can hardly wait to find what the coming week will bring.


I’m grateful for all the seasons we enjoy here on the Cumberland Plateau.

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13 Responses to “Blue Sky and Ice”

  1. MaryBeth Says:

    Kinda cool to see ice when all we see is rain and mud. Now when this ice melts will you have lots of mud or does is just slowly go away? MB

  2. Karin Says:

    That ice does break up a lot of rock, doesn’t it?? That is quite a thick layer. But it’s past the middle of January. Just a few more weeks for you and you should be out of this cold spell. We enjoyed +6 the other day, but know that we’re in for more cold before the spring arrives!

  3. imac Says:

    All our snow is melting and being washed away with rain.

  4. happyone Says:

    We’ve had a bit of a warm up. 50 degrees yesterday but things froze up at night again.

  5. busy bee suz Says:

    Such a great photo…I hope next week bring some pretty stuff for you and betsy!

  6. Rose Says:

    Snow is almost gone here, too, but so far only one day with blue skies. I think it is the only day in at least a week. These dark, dreary days really get to me sometimes.

  7. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: With the Winter weather comes chances for neat photos.

  8. Tammie Says:

    shadows are a good thing in winter, evidence of sun. That is quite a chunk of ice.

  9. Carla Says:

    And even though it has been above freezing for the past few days…Fairfield Glade’s lakes are still full of ice.

  10. Judy Says:

    George, do you call that itty bit of white stuff snow!!! That would hardly rate a comment here, other than what a lovely spring day!
    Yeah, I know! I am crazy to live here!

  11. Carletta Says:

    We have gray skies but warmer temps too and rain coming. They expect even the ice in the river to be gone by tomorrow.
    Nice shot!

  12. happilyretired Says:

    What beautiful clear blue skies above your cold icy world! We’ve got lots of clouds making for dramatic views (I shared at Small Reflections yesterday afternoon) … and I guess we’re in for considerable RAIN … finally. Hope you and Betsy are keeping warm 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Cheryl Says:

    Its amazing isn’t it what the different seasons can bring one?

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