My World Is Coming Up Roses

The large rose bed in our yard, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. May 17, 2010.

This is my post for the My World meme.  It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Wren, and Fishing Guy.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

Our world is coming up roses.  Most of the roses in our yard are now in bloom.  The picture above is of our biggest rose bed.  Some of the roses were in bloom when we got back from the beach, but they are now really putting on a show.  I’m sure I’ll have more pictures in the days ahead.

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13 Responses to “My World Is Coming Up Roses”

  1. Susie Says:

    Looks great! I look forward to seeing a close up view of them.

  2. MaryBeth Says:

    Your roses always put on a show and we all love seeing them. Aren’t you bothered by the deer? They like to nip off all the buds–dessert I think. MB

  3. Mary Says:

    It must be wonderful each year to see the rewards for all the hard work you do in the flower gardens!

  4. Karin Says:

    Coming up roses sounds great! Looks good – and A LOT OF HARD WORK!! But that’s what keeps you young! Blessings!

  5. Rose Says:

    It looks as if you are going to have a bumper crop of roses to give Betsy! And to share with us…I always enjoy seeing all the colors you have.

  6. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    Beautiful…they are loving the sunshine!

  7. ginny Hartzler Says:

    A lovely suight. Do you have the separations so you plant each kind in it’s own section?

  8. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    I’m looking forward to all the rose pictures you will be showing.

  9. happyone Says:

    They’re looking FINE! I have a rose question for you. Is there a rose called Daisy Rose?

  10. Cheryl Says:

    How wonderful you have flower shows to look forward to almost all the time.

  11. imac Says:

    Flower power George.

  12. ewok1993 Says:

    So beautiful. Ours have bloomed ahead and the flowers are on the way out now. But they were really in full force this year, must have been due to the wet winter we had.

  13. Neal Says:

    Gorgeous! I must say you guys really have some pretty flowers!

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