Skywatch Friday: A Golden Sunset

Sunset on the Plateau, Crossville, Tennessee.

This is my post for Skywatch Friday, a meme for sharing views of the sky from all over the world.  To see more, or to join and share your own photos of the sky, click HERE.

One of the advantages of living where we do on the Plateau is that we are often treated to beautiful sunsets.  This view greeted Betsy and me as we walked to the car after our ‘monthaversary’ celebration.  The sky was as glorious as the occasion was.


Betsy was able to get her MRI earlier in the day than we expected, so hopefully the doctor will get the results earlier as well.

I know I’m behind on visiting many of you.  I haven’t forgotten about you and will get to you, but today I have to go to Hendersonville to help my parents run some errands.  In the meantime I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and, if this a holiday weekend for you, I hope you get summer off to a very happy start.

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18 Responses to “Skywatch Friday: A Golden Sunset”

  1. MaryBeth Says:

    Ah a beautiful sunset which makes a romantic time even moreso.

    I hope your parents are doing well. MB

  2. Darla Says:

    Beautiful sky capture, love the intense coloring. Have a safe trip and I hope it finds your parents well. Keeping Betsy in my thoughts.

  3. Neal Says:

    Very beautiful. I never get tired of looking a beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

  4. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    Beautiful sunset.Greetings to your parents,who are an inspiration to me,even though I don’t know them.

  5. Pat Says:

    Beautiful colors in this sunset, from rose to lavender. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Karin Says:

    That’s a gorgeous sunset George! Have a safe trip to visit your parents. God bless you all and I trust they are doing just fine! Hope your long week-end will still be enjoyable even though Betsy is anxiously awaiting her results!

  7. Susie Says:

    Oh that is such a beautiful sunset George!

  8. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Oh, I do love those flaming colors, George! What a gorgeous way to end the day! Terrific capture! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  9. LaVoice Says:

    George, I love that shot of the sunset. Sorry Betsy is going through such a rough time. Trust they find her problem and correct it soon. You go do whatever you have to do to help your family. We are not going anywhere.

  10. happyone Says:

    A beautiful sunset. I hope Betsy hears good news about her knee!!!

  11. luna miranda Says:

    stunning colors!

  12. Rajesh Says:

    Spectacular sunset. Beat wishes to your parents.

  13. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    I had to click this and make it bigger, how georgous! The way the light is in the sky, it looks like the sun is just pouring down in waves. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and Betsy manages to have some fun.

  14. imac Says:

    Nice sunset George,
    if you hover over this pic you get a cropped pic of it, with a little cropped off the bottom, it might look a little better like this with less foreground in.

  15. michaelwatsonvt Says:

    Such contrast!

  16. Regina Says:

    Such beauty! Happy SWF.
    Enjoy the weekend you both.

  17. Pam Says:

    Nature rewards us with a beautiful golden glow at the end of our day. Your sunset photo is a gorgeous trophy, thank you for sharing it, George.

    Say howdy to you parents and have a safe trip there and back.

    Still praying for Betsy and sending you both special blessings 🙂

  18. Mary Says:

    Lovely! You keep taking care of Betsy and we all hope she will be better soon. Hugs and prayers for both of you.

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