National Rose Month

Our front yard, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. May 26, 2010.

I found out yesterday (Wednesday) that June is National Rose Month.  So I decided I would mark the occasion by sharing this picture of our front yard.  I have to admit that this picture was taken last week when it was still May, but you can see our three rose beds as well as the containers along the driveway that contain roses.  You can’t see all of them, but we have 55 varieties of roses.  Betsy says that taking care of those roses helps keep me out of trouble.

Speaking of Betsy, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers again today.  She will be having orthoscopic surgery on her knee this afternoon.  Her doctor thinks that a frayed Medial Miniscus in her knee is causing her problems and this surgery should fix everything.  We certainly hope the doctor is right.

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8 Responses to “National Rose Month”

  1. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    Your yard is beautiful George.
    Betsy is in my thoughts and prayers today!!!!

  2. Susie Says:

    I can see how tending to that many roses would keep you out of trouble George. I’ll be praying for Betsy and the surgeon.

  3. happyone Says:

    That’s a lot of roses and I’m so glad you share them with us. Your yard looks beautiful.
    I will certainly pray for Betsy!!

  4. Karin Says:

    My dad’s birthday was in June and as far back as I can recall we always brought him some roses – even in financially pinched times. As a child I recall going to a neighbor’s house and asking for a rose for my dad in June and a gladiolus for my mom in August. Funny how that memory just popped into my head prompted by your post.

    Have prayed for Betsy and you and trust her surgery to the Lord’s care!

  5. Rose Says:

    I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers…I sure hope this will end her problems.

    BTW, that is a beautiful view at your house.

  6. MaryBeth Says:

    The roses are so beautiful. National Rose Month Eh.

    Here’s praying that everything goes well with the surgury. MB

  7. Sey Says:

    I have seen the roses in your yards through Betsy’s blog. They’re so beautiful.

    I will continuously pray for Betsy and hope she’ll be fine.

  8. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    Love the picture.Your home has a friendly,welcoming look.

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