Scenic Sunday # 99: Fontana Lake

Fontana Lake, North Carolina. May 30, 2009.

This is my post for the Scenic Sunday meme, which shares beautiful scenes from around the world.  To see more Scenic Sunday posts, or to join and show your own pictures, click HERE.

When Betsy and I travel east from the Plateau, we often travel on back roads rather than the interstate.  Depending on our destination we will at times travel through the ‘backside of the Smokies’.  This part of the park doesn’t have the tourist attractions of Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, but it does have some beautiful scenery.  We captured this scene at an overlook of Fontana Lake in North Carolina.

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11 Responses to “Scenic Sunday # 99: Fontana Lake”

  1. Ruth Hiebrt Says:

    This is really lovely.Jake and I love to travel roads that are not that busy.Some of the best scenery is found in these places.

  2. Karin Says:

    That’s a lovely lookout spot! Very pretty!

  3. Susie Says:

    I think we have seen that same view George. We too like to take secondary roads sometimes when we travel and if time permits. You just never know what you might see.

  4. NCMountainwoman Says:

    My father worked on the construction of Fontana Dam. When I was a child and we went there to visit, I told everyone proudly that my Daddy built this all by himself. Great photograph.

  5. imac Says:

    Nice find George.

  6. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Makes me want to get down to where that cool looking water is!

  7. Sey Says:

    isn’t that awesome? What a wonderful creation! I love the green environment! It’s so peaceful

  8. Carletta Says:

    I love that side of the Smokies too George.
    Years ago I remember the tourists areas as being nice too. They have grown so much it is all too crowded now.

  9. Rose Says:

    That is a beautiful view, George.

    About taking backroads–sometimes they are even faster than the interstates. And a lot less headaches.

  10. bertN Says:

    What’s the best time of the year to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the place to the max?

  11. Mary Says:

    Backroads are the way to go! Highways may be fast, but so boring! That is when book tapes are wonderful 🙂 I have never mentioned, but I love that your blog is one that “assigns” a little quilt square to each person 🙂 Mine is kind of pale, so I’m not sure what pattern it is.

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