My World: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Our Christmas Tree, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  December 5, 2010.

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Winter has come to the Cumberland Plateau.  It’s cold and it snowed most of Sunday.  It was light flurries most of the day, but the driveway became snow-covered after dark.  I don’t want to mention any names, but one member of the family was very happy that day.

Since it’s turned cold, the roses in containers have been moved to the garage where they will hopefully survive the winter.  The roses in the beds have been pruned back and covered, so they, too, are ready for their winter nap.

The yard looks somewhat drab now — at least when it’s not covered by snow.  But that doesn’t mean that everything is drab.  Our Great Room looks bright and colorful now that the Christmas tree is up.  And with a fire in the fireplace it feels as warm as it looks.

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22 Responses to “My World: Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Reader Wil Says:

    Snow is always beautiful. Saturday we had plenty of it, but now it’s almost gone and then everything looks grey and dirty.
    Well I hope that the mainroads are in good condition and not slippery.
    Your Christmas tree is awesome! Have a great Christmas time!

  2. diane Says:

    That looks the place to be. If you ever come to Australia you are welcome to play in our garden. There is no need to cover plants in winter and this summer with all the rain the garden has gone feral.

  3. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    A welcoming place for sure. It looks cozy and Christmasy!

  4. jlshall (Joysweb) Says:

    What a glorious tree! But I don’t envy you when it comes to snow. We haven’t had any of the white stuff yet, and that suits me just fine! Stay warm.

  5. Rose Says:

    I do love this picture…it is still bitter cold here this morn, too. I thought it was supposed to warm up tomorrow but think they have changed it to Thursday now.

  6. Tricia Says:

    Betsy, Betsy… I know who was happy to see that snow! Heheheee

    Your tree is bee-u-tee-ful! love all the lights

  7. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Oh, I love your beautiful tree and the fire in the fireplace! Perfect! Such a great capture! You’re definitely ready for the big day! Hope you and Betsy have a great week, George! Enjoy!


  8. sandra Says:

    ditto on the baby its cold out there… the heat is running right now and that hardly ever happens here. your world is beautiful indeed. love that tree

  9. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Betsy posted this picture today, it is just georgous!! My tree is so jealous!

  10. ewok1993 Says:

    Oh the west coast is always late, we are just having the peak of our autumn leaves 🙂

    Stay indoors and be warm. Your tree looks very inviting.

  11. busy bee suz Says:

    Your tree looks wonderful. So bright and cheery….I hope the roses enjoy their slumber.

  12. Jen Says:

    Looks like a Home Sweet Home!

  13. Kathy Says:

    You’re right: that tree and those lights are ANYTHING but drab — so beautiful and festive.

    I told my husband about the roses and we’re going to give the containers a try. I’m really excited!

  14. Jenn Jilks Says:

    It IS cold outside! Glad to stay in today.

  15. Neal Says:

    Your tree looks like it has a lot of ornaments on it….beautiful.

  16. Pam Says:

    Ditto, George.. much to my dismay it is cold all the way down here in south Florida, also. It will be 38 tonight.. brrr!
    I wish we had a firepalce like yours to keep us all snuggly warm.

  17. Linda G. Says:

    I love that Christmas tree. It is so pretty. The fireplace looks warm and inviting.

  18. Loren Says:

    George! Your tree is GORGEOUS and the fire looks soo inviting!! Just the thought of snow outside your door makes me smile!! Makes for the perfect night! I love the snow as well, especially watching it come down 🙂 It is even better if my kids and honey can stay at home to enjoy it as a family!!

  19. Janie of Utah Says:

    I love your tree and fireplace, George. Sounds like good weather to stay inside and read a good book.

  20. Carletta Says:

    I just saw this on Betsy’s blog. I welcoming image it is!
    Cold and snowy here as well.
    Stay warm.

  21. Mildred Says:

    I know Betsy is pleased to see some snow for Christmas! Best wishes with the roses over the winter and thanks for sharing your pretty Christmas tree.

  22. Karin Says:

    Your great room looks warm, gorgeous and inviting! Would love to sit by the fireplace with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa! So lovely!

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