My World: Crocus Pickwick in bloom

Crocus Pickwick, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. March 1, 2011.

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We have good news and bad news on our Spring Watch this week.  The good news is that the crocus are blooming — Spring colors have begun.  The bad news is that they are blooming about two weeks early than they did last year.  I’m not sure Old Man Winter has agreed to stay away for good.

Crocus Pickwick, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. March 3, 2011.

But there’s nothing we can do about that, so we’re just enjoying the crocus as they brighten up our yard.

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62 Responses to “My World: Crocus Pickwick in bloom”

  1. Mildred Says:

    Such sweet little blooms and always a welcome sight in Spring!

  2. beth Says:

    I’ve been sent here by Betsy to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She posted wonderful pictures of you. Enjoy your time away with her to celebrate your birthday. You look much younger than 69! 🙂

  3. larry Says:

    Happy birthday George. You seem to be an amazing couple and lead the life all retirees should.

  4. Rita Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It is just the best that you and Betsy found each other and are so happy. You brighten all our days and give us hope that it is possible to find someone to love later in life.
    Blessings to you!

  5. Mildred Says:

    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday George! Enjoy your special day with your special wife. Love and best wishes from John and me.

  6. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    The crocus are beautiful.A little birdie told me that you are having a special day ,so Happy Birthday.May you be showered with love and feel God’s peace around you.Wishing you many more years of happiness.

  7. Melanie Says:

    Your lovely wife told us you were having a birthday today! Hope yours is very happy! 🙂
    The crocuses are beautiful!

  8. Melanie Says:

    Oops. I mean tomorrow! 🙂

  9. Ann Nichols Says:

    A very happy birthday to you, George!!! Now I know who took the photos of the crocus’s on your wife’s header! It is fabulous! Please come visiting when you get back from your birthday celebrations!

  10. Becky Says:

    They’re blooming for your birthday…Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  11. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow George with your lovely wife. Sixty nine??—you are still a puppy yet. Looking forward to the pictures when you return.

  12. Lucy Says:

    And a Happy Birthday to you! I’d sing it to you but really….no one would want to hear that. 🙂

  13. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    A little bird told me you’re about to have a birthday! Enjoy it! Happy Birthday.

  14. Sandra Says:

    I am singing Happy Birthday, hope you can hear it where ever you are on your surprise trip

  15. Dorothy Says:

    Love those Crocus! Beautiful, and the first sign of Spring!
    Happy Birthday to you, George! May you have many more happy birthdays!!! Blessings to you and Betsy!

  16. Fred Says:

    Happy Birthday George! Wishing you the very best on your birthday. Don’t forget to tell everyone that you are now “barely” in your sixties. Never mind that you will soon be out of them! ☻

  17. Coreen Trost Says:

    Happy Birthday, George!!! Many blessing to you and Betsy!!!


  18. Shug Says:

    Sending many Birthday Blessings to you Mr. George…
    Hope this day is filled with much happiness and Joy.


  19. Pat - Arkansas Says:

    Happy Birthday, George, and many more! I wish you a wonderful day full of all good things.

  20. MaryBeth Says:

    Mine are just starting to bloom. They usually bloom in Feb. So there ya go. MB

  21. Jenny Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday George. I feel I know you so well from your lovely wife and I’m sure you two will enjoy your special day!!

  22. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    They are so beautiful! Enjoy them while you can!! Hope Old Man Winter doesn’t put in another appearance!!


  23. Linda G. Says:

    Your crocuses are beautiful. I hope Old Man Winter stays away! Betsy spilled the beans over on her blog. I understand it is your birthday tomorrow. Best wishes, George, for a WONDERFUL birthday!

  24. Alan Says:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  25. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Oh, what great pictures!!! So this color of crocus is called Pickwick? Now I will try and remember that, I didn’t know. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  26. Tricia Says:

    They bloomed early this year especially for YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! =)

    And I saw a NIIICE pair of flip flops somewhere that you might like, too… heheheee LoL! =)


    Have a GREAT ONE!

  27. Bonnie Says:

    Happy almost birthday, George! I can’t wait to see how you celebrate this year. By the way, I’ve “held up” that same rock formation in Clifty Falls!!!!!


  28. CottonLady Says:

    The crocuses are gorgeous! Have a very Happy Birthday, George. Wishing you many more.

    CottonLady (ask Betsy who I am)

  29. Happyone Says:

    Ah beautiful spring. No color here yet but tips of green are showing.

  30. Kitty Justice Says:

    Happy “Burpday”to you, Happy “Burpday” to you. Happy “Burpday” dear George. Happy BURPDAY TO YOU. AND MANY MORE.

    I came over from Betsy’s blog.

  31. Barbara H Says:

    Very Pretty George, and Happy Birthday, may your day be filled with lots of blessings, God bless you real good,
    have a great day, Barbara

  32. Corner Garden Sue Says:

    Hi George,
    I stopped by to tell you happy birthday. I am tickled to see your lovely crocus. I’m in Nebraska, where I don’t expect to be seeing any outdoor blooms for a few weeks yet.

    Happy Birthday!

  33. LaVoice Says:

    Somehow along the blog road, I missed this post. I was not aware of it. As my great grandson says, I am losing my marbles. Regardless, it is a lovely post with my favorite thing, flowers. Wishing you nothing but the best on your special day. May you be blessed with lots more Happy Birthdays.

  34. Denise@TogetherWeSave Says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  35. ann Says:

    pretty crocus. I read that it’s your birthday tomorrow so I’m stopping by to wish you a happy birthday

  36. Gary Orona Says:

    heard from Betsy it is your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!

  37. glenda Says:

    Have a wonderful birthday, George, and enjoy your trip!

  38. Squirrel Queen Says:

    Beautiful little crocus, I found some in our yard today but the wind is blowing so hard it’s difficult to get a good photo.

    I heard it through the grapevine 🙂 that you are having a birthday so I’m here to say Happy Birthday!

  39. Karin Says:

    What a lovely bouquet for your birthday! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and be blessed for another year of adventures with the Lord! Wishing you and Betsy a wonderful birthday get-a-way!

  40. Diane Says:

    Happy Birthday, George. I “talk” to Betsy all the time but I seldom “talk” to you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  41. Loren Says:

    Happy Birthday George!!! Love the Crocus and pray you have a wonderful and joy-filled day on your special day 🙂 Celebrate YOU my friend!! Take lots of pics and share them with us as only YOU can do!! 🙂

  42. Carletta Says:

    They are lovely George!
    I keep seeing folks posting blooms and I wish it was me. I keep looking at don’t have anything to show just yet. It is a little early here so maybe I shouldn’t wish so hard. 🙂

  43. Carletta Says:

    I’m back!
    I just popped in over at Betsy’s and she’s spreading the news about a certain Birthday guy.
    She said you guys are taking a blog break so I came back to wish you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And since it’s the 9th at half past midnight I guess I planned my blogging time right tonight.
    I told Betsy to give you a hug for me so make sure you collect. 🙂
    Happy Birthday George!!!

  44. diane Says:

    The colours are magic, I love the orange stamen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  45. Kelly Says:

    Happy Birthday, George! I was just over at Betsy’s blog and heard the news. Tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday as well. It’s a great day!!

  46. Kathy Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!♫♫ Happy Birthday to you!!♫♫ Happy Birthday dear George!♫♫ Happy Birthday to you!!!♫♫ And Many More!!!

    The crocus will be fine — I’ve seen them blooming in the snow…It’s all good! 🙂

  47. Kim @ Stuff could be worse Says:

    Happy Birthday, love your photography!!

  48. jlshall (Joysweb) Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day, and many more to come.

    Love the crocuses. Ours are just beginning to peek through. Maybe spring is on its way after all!

  49. Nina P Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How does it feel to be a day older than yesterday??

    Much Love, Joy, Laughter and Happiness is wished for you today and always.
    Love and Light, Nina p

  50. nance Says:

    Hi Mr. George! got here via Betsy’s blog…heard it’s your b’day so here’s wishing you a HAPPY B’DAY and may you be richly blessed for many years to come! enjoy your special day!

  51. ewok1993 Says:

    spring has arrived. it’s your birthday? hope it is a happy one. god’s continued blessings of good health and happy life.

  52. Theanne Says:

    Hope you’re having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Beautiful Crocus!

  53. Nanny Says:

    Happy Birthday, George!
    I’ll bet you get really spoiled by that sweet wife!
    Have a great day!

  54. Fishing Guy Says:

    Happy Birthday George, I hope you are having a great day. I love the crocus. We are supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow.

  55. Lola Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, George. You have me beat by a few days. 29th will be 69. Popped over by way of Betsy to wish you glad tidings. Great pics.
    Have a wonderful time.

  56. Andrea Says:

    Hi George, those are so beautiful crocus. But i mainly came here not for the post but to greet you Happy Birthday. Betsy really love to see all of us greeting you on your wonderful day. Have a blessedful day ahead and more years of happiness, health and wisdom. God bless.

  57. ROSALIE Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY….. I am betting it will be just awesome. Betsy is a sweetheart so you must be pretty special. Best wishes always.

  58. Becca Says:

    Happy Birthday George. Love the crocus. It says spring.

  59. Pat Says:

    Happy birthday George! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and a year ahead filled with good health and happiness!

  60. peggy Says:

    A belated birthday George. Hope your day was extra special!!

  61. Colin (HB) Says:

    Hi George
    Hope Betsy gave you a very happy birthday.
    I think you know who I am? – and you won’t have to
    ask Betsy!!!
    This is the first time I have looked at your blog – very
    interesting indeed. You see when my “Tennessee” mate
    says look at George’s blog and wish you a happy birthday,
    well I guess that is like a Presidential order!!! I do so.
    God, she will crucify me for that comment!!!
    Just hope that the Chattahoochee River ‘white rafting’ wasn’t
    Looking forward to Betsy’s blog report on your birthday in GA!
    Cheers mate
    “The Aussie Quacking mate from Brisbane”

  62. sartenada Says:

    Happy Birthday, although I am late, sorry.

    I love those photos George. Really lovely photos. Let’s hope that is not coming to cold.

    Have a wonderful day!

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