Our World: Natural Bridge at Yahoo Falls

The natural bridge at Yahoo Falls, Boone National Forest, Kentucky. September 30, 2006.

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This is my post for the Our World meme.  This meme is a second generation of My World Tuesday created by Klaus Peter and is hosted by five wonderful ladies.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

Betsy and I plan most of our hikes to visit waterfalls, but we occasionally find a bonus attraction.  This was the case in September, 2006, when we hiked to Yahoo Falls in Kentucky.  We were hiking a loop trail, and after seeing the falls we came to a junction with a trail leading to a natural bridge.

It was a pretty day, so we hiked the extra mile to see the natural bridge.  It was low, but it definitely was a bridge.  It was also fairly wide.

Under the natural bridge at Yahoo Falls. September 30, 2006.

I scrambled under the bridge and got this picture of of the underside.  I had to use a flash to get any thing at all.

Looking through the natural bridge at Yahoo Falls, Kentucky. September 30, 2006.

I went through the smaller (upper) opening and then shot through the bridge to get this picture.  You can see the trail leading to the bridge.  This was a nice bonus to our waterfall visit.

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18 Responses to “Our World: Natural Bridge at Yahoo Falls”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    Definitely a nice bonus!

  2. Sandra Says:

    i had no idea YAHOO had a bridge or a falls… ha ha, just kidding. i would not fit under that bridge to get to the other side. again ha ha

  3. The Incredible Woody Says:

    What a wonderful place!

  4. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    What a wonderful natural bridge and your captures are terrific, George! I think it’s great that you got a shot of the underside as well! And, of course, I love the waterfall. Enjoy the day!


  5. Maple Lane Says:

    I love this!

  6. Happyone Says:

    That is so cool!! Great photos!!

  7. Rajesh Says:

    Great shots of natural bridge. Nature has wonderful ways to surprise us.

  8. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Oh,that is so special.A nice bonus.

  9. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Wow, this is cool! We have the big Natural Bridge here, you have probably been to it. But that name, Yahoo Falls, how funny!!!

  10. CameraCruise Says:

    Great shots!
    Love the natural bridge.

  11. Shydub Says:

    That’s really cool, I even look real hard to see what’s under neath that bridge. Well, looks like a new hiking adventure awaits

  12. Carletta Says:

    Very cool George!
    I like the last shot.
    I think this would have been a real added surprise and treat to see.

  13. dayphoto Says:

    You and Betsy really need to do Sunday Stills…you are both very talented!


  14. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    What a wonderful adventure for you! Gorgeous.

  15. Colin (HB) Says:

    My God, George. You and Betsy sure are fit. That is a hell of a walk to have done.
    Maybe you, two, should set yourselves up as fitness trainers for the “senior brigade”???
    You’d have a field day “down under” especially in Tasmania, the Blue Mountains and the Snowy Mountains.
    Might even get shots of the “Bogong Moths” – sorry, couldn’t help that, but you do know what they are – ha ha.


  16. Leovi Says:

    Yes, beautiful natural bridge, looks like a cave.

  17. Rose Says:

    I love finding stuff like this!!!! Especially if we find it unexpectedly.

  18. Sartenada Says:

    Awesome! Natural bridge – it is new to me. Great set of photos, George.

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