Hunting Waterfalls with Dad

Dad in our car visiting waterfalls, Tullahoma, Tennessee. February 9, 2012.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

This past Thursday Betsy and I went down to Tullahoma to see Dad.  After helping him with some things around the house, we went out to lunch and then went for a ride.  Dad is legally blind, but he enjoys drives out into the countryside, so we took him along to visit a couple of waterfalls in the area.  He stayed in the car while Betsy and I were getting pictures of the waterfalls.  But since he was with us, I convinced him that I needed to get his picture as well.

Dad was more feeble when we saw him this time than he has been at other times, but since he’s going to be 100 in August that is to be expected.  He enjoyed being with us, just as we enjoyed being with him.

About the hat — one of Dad’s grandsons (my nephew) graduated from the Naval Academy in 2001 and gave Dad the hat, which he wears just about every time we go out.

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21 Responses to “Hunting Waterfalls with Dad”

  1. andrea Says:

    You have a gene for persistence George, so be prepared to be 100 too, of course don’t expect to be blind, haha. So who lives with your dad to take care of his concerns? In this country the oldies live with their children till their death. Our culture doesn’t appreciate having their kin in homes for the aged, unless of course there are no living next of kin.

  2. Maple Lane Says:

    I know your Dad enjoys your and Betsy’s visits. I’m happy that he was able to go along for a ride. I like his hat; it must be very special to him.

  3. Larry Says:

    It’s great that you still get to spend time with him.

  4. diane Says:

    100 years old almost, WOW! He is remarkable and good on you for caring for him.

  5. bertN Says:

    Your Dad is almost a century old! You are lucky – longevity runs in your blood.

  6. Sandra Says:

    he is just plain amazing to me, 99 and still traveling and getting around. i know your visit and taking him out was a real blessing to him and to you.

  7. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Oh how special. You are so fortunate to have Dad with you,and he is fortunate to have a son like you.

  8. Karin Says:

    Blessings for being a great son and for enjoying special times with your dear dad! He sure doesn’t look like 100! Have a special week with your Valentine!

  9. Busy Bee Suz Says:

    I’m so glad your Dad enjoyed the visit….what a blessing to have him in your life!

  10. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    I know how much your Dad enjoys the time he gets to spend with you and Betsy, just as you enjoy the time with him. He looks fantastic for 100 years old! Amazing! Hope you have a great week and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Betsy!


  11. Photo Cache Says:

    incredible how good he looks for nearly 100. congratulations. it looks like long life runs in your genes. have a fantastic week.

  12. NCMountainwoman Says:

    How wonderful for your dad that you take him for outings. How wonderful for you that you dad comes on outings with you. I know you enjoy every minute you can spend with him. I had worried that he might decline rapidly since your mother passed away.

  13. Carletta Says:

    It’s good seeing your Dad again George. I’m so glad to hear he was able to go out with you and Betsy. Almost a 100 years old is just remarkable. What amazing life stories he must be able to tell.
    I wish him continued health.

  14. Rajesh Says:

    Your Dad is a real strong man. It is so nice of you to spend quality time with him.

  15. Happyone Says:

    I’m sure your dad loves the times you visit. : )

  16. Rose Says:

    How wonderful that he is able to get out with you two….

  17. Pam Says:

    Well bless his heart for agreeing to be photographed at 99 so you could share it with us. Please tell him how much we enjoyed seeing his joy-ride with you and Betsy.
    be well and happy, George.

  18. Ryan Says:

    Your dad looks great for his age George, seriously I would never has guessed he’s about to turn the big century. Although he is legally blind I’m guessing he really enjoys the natural smells of the countryside and I hope you and Betsy can keep taking him out on your trips.

  19. Kim,USA Says:

    He for sure appreciate the ride. And the hat I think he is proud of it. And yes my prayer for more good health and so happy I see your Dad here and knowing he is going to be 100 yrs old this August is a blessing. Thanks for sharing George!

  20. genie Says:

    We lieved in Asheville for 18 years. One home was in Biltmore Forest and the other up in the Manor Grounds off of Charlotte Street. We also owned the cutest old cabin our Reems Creek Road. It was across the street from what used to be Camp Sequoia. The creek ran right being the back porch on the cabin. Out by Brevard there is another area called Sliding Rock when the falls are such that people slide down them. My husband designed the changing rooms there years ago. HOpe you enjoyed Reems Creek. I remember it well even though I have been in VA for 34 years. genie

  21. Sartenada Says:

    So sweet, George. I hope that next August You have great celebrations. When comparing Your father to my mother, then my mother is a young girl. Tomorrow she is celebrating her 94 years and we of course visit at her home.

    She is a very weak, but her brains are sharp. She is living yet alone in Helsinki.

    Happy week-end George!

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