Our World: Cox Covered Bridge

Cox Covered Bridge, Vinton County, Ohio. October 18, 2012.

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This is my post for the Our World meme.  This meme is a second generation of My World Tuesday created by Klaus Peter and is hosted by five wonderful ladies.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

Betsy and I enjoy traveling back roads whenever possible.  It may take us a little longer to get somewhere, but that’s usually not a problem.  Besides, we often come across some very interesting sights.

On our way home from our visit to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, our GPS took us along two-lane Ohio 93.  We were enjoying the autumn color when Betsy spotted a covered bridge.  Of course we stopped to investigate.

The Cox Covered Bridge was built in 1884, and served as the road bridge over Brushy Creek in Vinton County, Ohio, until 1992.  That year the bridge was moved 20 feet north to rest on a concrete foundation.  The bridge no longer carries traffic, but it can be walked across.

Autumn color as seen looking through the Cox Covered Bridge. October 18, 2012.

We got a great view of a beautiful orange tree looking through the bridge.

Satellite image of Cox Covered Bridge, Vinton County, Ohio.

The above image from Google Earth shows the location of the bridge.  There were no nearby towns, but the Vinton County Airport is off to the southeast.  The red dot shows our position in front of the bridge.

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20 Responses to “Our World: Cox Covered Bridge”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    Can you imagine the stories it could tell! Love the tree view.

  2. Colin Huggins Says:

    Fascinating. I wonder why these bridges were covered?
    The movie “The Bridges of Madison County ” showed it all.
    Great movie.
    Is there a reason to cover a bridge as shown like this in Ohio?

  3. maple lane Says:

    What a nice covered bridge. I once saw a small wedding ceremony on a bridge similar to this!

  4. MadSnapper Says:

    not to many of these wonderful old bridges left. and none that i know of in the south. bob is from covered bridge country.

  5. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    I do love those old covered bridges, George!! I wish they could talk, too, and tell us their stories! Wonderful captures for the day! Hope you have a good week!!

  6. Ginny Says:

    Oh this is lovely! Some day i mean to search all the covered bridges in our area and go see them, that would be awesome!!! Do you know that I read when they made these bridges, they did not cover them to be pretty, it was to protect the walking surface from the weather.

  7. Happyone Says:

    I love covered bridges.

  8. ladyfi Says:

    Oh, how lovely to see the autumn leaves at the end of the covered bridge!

  9. Carletta Says:

    Love the shot through the bridge to that lovely tree!
    I’ll have to look at the map but I’m pretty sure there is a covered bridge trail about an hour from where you were that takes you past a few covered bridges.

  10. MaryBeth Says:

    I really like the covered bridges. I don’t think there are any in Wa. But there are some in Oregon that I have seen and photographed but don’t know where the pics are. Or the bridges for that matter. LOL MB

  11. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    I like how you framed the autumn colour with the bridge.

  12. Judy Says:

    George, I love that tree through the bridge!! Wonderful of the state people to decide the bridge needs to be saved, rather than just scrapping it!!

  13. Linda Says:

    The covered bridge was a neat find, for sure; but that orange tree steals the show. Beautiful!

  14. alskamom Says:

    What a lovely covered bridge, George! I wish we had some around here.

  15. Rose Says:

    I always enjoy looking at the inside of the covered bridges…no matter how many times I go in one.

  16. Rajesh Says:

    Great looking historically important bridge,

  17. dayphoto Says:

    When we went to Alabama I was delighted to see the covered bridges around our son’s house (at the time).

    They are really neat parts of history!

    Thanks for sharing!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  18. busy bee suz Says:

    So lovely….nothing you will ever find in South Florida. 🙂

  19. Linda G. Says:

    Very nice covered bridge and love that autumn splash of color at the end of it!

  20. Sartenada Says:

    Lovely. We do not have covered bridges in Finland and I have not seen them on our holidays in U.S.A.

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