Our World: Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them.)

This is my post for the Our World meme.  This meme is a second generation of My World Tuesday created by Klaus Peter and is hosted by five wonderful ladies.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

All of these pictures were scanned from slides.

When I went to China the first time (1987) our first stop in Asia was Hong Kong.  Hong Kong was still under British rule at that time, and the mixture of European and Oriental influences was fascinating.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

Hong Kong was (and I believe still is) a crowded city.  But while there we visited Repulse Bay, a beautiful area which was largely unspoiled.

There are a couple of explanations for the name, Repulse Bay.  One story is that the name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates.  Another story is that the bay got its name from HMS Repulse, which was stationed there in the 1840s.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, June, 1987.

Regardless of how the bay got its name, it was a beautiful, quiet spot in 1987.  My understanding is that it is now a luxurious residential area.

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16 Responses to “Our World: Repulse Bay, Hong Kong”

  1. Linda Says:

    These are beautiful. Isn’t it fun to see these old slides and how well they’ve aged? Of course, if you’re like me, you find yourself wishing for an opportunity to capture some of the same scenes with digital photography, just for comparison. Love that first one of the bay and the clouds.

  2. The Incredible Woody Says:


  3. sylviakirk Says:

    What a wonderful, lovely place, George!! One of those places I have always wanted to visit! Thanks for sharing! It does look/sound as though you had a wonderful birthday and may you have many more!! Enjoy!! Believe me, you’re still a youngster!!! Enjoy your week!

  4. Lucja-Maria Says:

    Beautiful, wonderful, amazing …
    It’s nice to look at this post …
    For me, snow, cold and gray

  5. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    You finally beat me to the punch, George!!!! As soon as I saw this I was going to ask you about the name!!! And it certainly does NOT repulse me!

  6. ewok1993 Says:

    it was very crowded when we spent a few hours in transit there over the summer. and it was just sunday no other reason for all the people to be out and about all at the same time.

  7. ladyfi Says:

    What lovely shots! Looks so very uninhabited compared to modern Day Hong Kong.

  8. dayphoto Says:

    Lovely, Lovely I always love your shots!


  9. nealpt Says:

    Interesting…Looks like a beautiful place.

  10. Karen Says:

    Lovely looking place, shame about the resort though.

  11. Kalantikan Says:

    OMG George, you are posting history! But i appreciate your being very organized as the photo is still in your possession! I wish the souvenir shots of my first travel abroad are still available. My first was in Australia!

  12. ZielonaMila Says:

    Beautiful pictures, fantastic views. Greetings

  13. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful shots of the place. Very scenic landscapes.

  14. Carletta Says:

    I was just watching a show the other night about the housing being built in China but no one can afford to live in them – investment properites.
    I bet it would be a whole different world than when you were there.
    Lovely shots George!

  15. annkitsuetchin Says:

    will you take Betsy to Hong Kong and China?

  16. Sartenada Says:

    Great photos and I guess that You have lovely memories from those days.

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