Down Memory Lane: Fall Creek Falls

2001 -- FCF I

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

April 21 is a special day for Betsy and me.  On April 21, 2001, we had our first ‘big’ date.  On that day we went to Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee.

Our first date was a dinner date on March 29.  We had a couple of other dates after that, but on April 21 we spent the entire date at Fall Creek Falls.  We did a lot of talking and some hiking.

Fall Creek Falls State Park has five major waterfalls — those were the first waterfalls we saw together.  As you might expect,  this was the beginning of our waterfall ‘collection’.

The collage above has some pictures from that first date.  The picture on the upper left is a picture I took of Betsy fairly early in the day along the lake near the park lodge.  On the upper right is a picture of the two of us taken at the base of Cane Creek Cascade.  The bottom row had Fall Creek Falls and Coon Creek falls on the left, and Piney Creek Falls on the right.  In the picture of Betsy showing some leg was taken on the trail to the base of Fall Creek Falls.

Betsy and I have gotten back to Fall Creek Falls almost every April 21, and yesterday was no exception.  As I said, April 21 is a very special day for us.  What was the best part of the day?  I got my first kiss that day.

To see larger versions of these pictures and others from that day, click HERE.

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20 Responses to “Down Memory Lane: Fall Creek Falls”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Lovely memories for you and Betsy! Beautiful waterfalls. Wonderful post, George!

  2. Larry Says:

    12 wonderful years together.

  3. Rick Says:

    It’s a great park.

  4. sylviakirk Says:

    Lovely memories and such a beautiful place it is indeed! Thanks for sharing, George! Have a great week!!

  5. Karin Says:

    Happy Kissaversary! That you two actually took notice of the falls at all…..LOL!!

  6. Linda Says:

    I looked at the whole series, and smiled all the way through them, remembering those early days with the love of my life and how special those getting-acquainted times were. I loved your “incentive to make it back up the trail” comment. Too cute. Happy first-real-date anniversary.

  7. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Awww, you two crazy kids! A great collage!!!!

  8. MaryBeth Says:

    Love! Love! Love! What wonderful memories and you two look so good together. Happiness!! MB

  9. dayphoto Says:

    OHHHHHHHHH! How sweet you are!


  10. rhiebert Says:

    Way to go. Keeping on holding on to each other.

  11. Lorri Says:

    I love Fall Creek Falls…and love your memories. Thank you for sharing. I have hiked there, myself, several times.

  12. ladyfi Says:

    How romantic!

  13. ZielonaMila Says:

    Wonderful post, nice:) Greetings

  14. Rajesh Says:

    Wonderful waterfalls and what a lovely occasion.

  15. ewok1993 Says:

    you are such a romantic ❤

  16. Sartenada Says:

    Memories stay in our minds, them cannot be removed from our minds – photos strengthen them.

    Great post George.

  17. J Says:

    I love that you shared these precious memories, George. You and Betsy are a beautiful couple and I consider myself honored to know you both here on Blogger. Greetings, Jo (Tanzania(

  18. Janie of Utah Says:

    You and Betsy really know how to keep a romance going. You two seem perfect for each other, and how perfect that your first big date was spent enjoying waterfalls.

  19. Sue Gray O'Grady Says:

    I am sure it was the first of many sweet kisses. What a very romantic thing to return every year to this park. What a great couple you and Betsey are!!!!!


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    […] after our date to Fall Creek Falls State Park on April 21.  (If you missed that story, click HERE.)  It wasn’t long after that date that things started getting […]

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