The Golden Hour

Sunset in the mountains near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.  October 23, 2013.

Sunset in the mountains near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. October 23, 2013.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

I’ve read about the golden hour in photography.  The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight each day.  When we were with our friends Patti and Neal at the end of October, we spent much of one day enjoying the autumn colors and hiking in Kentucky.  Late in the day we drove through Betsy’s home town in Big Stone Gap, Virginia before heading back to the lodge in Kentucky.

The day had been dreary and overcast, but as the sun was going down, we saw a bright orange-pink sky in the west below the clouds.  Since Patti and Neal are as much into photography as Betsy and me, we of course had to stop for pictures.

Evening light in Virginia.  October 23, 2013.

Evening light in Virginia. October 23, 2013.

Looking back to the east, the glow on the hills and the buildings were a perfect example of what the golden hour means.

A fiery mountain sunset.  October 23, 2013.

A fiery mountain sunset. October 23, 2013.

But as beautiful as that was, our eyes kept going back to the bright light between the mountains and the clouds to the west.  What a gorgeous ending to a wonderful day.

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19 Responses to “The Golden Hour”

  1. rednomadoz Says:

    Wow! Just LOVE your first photo – the dark clouds and dusk make the sunset all the more enthralling!

  2. eileen Says:

    Beautiful images, George! Lovely sunset captures!

  3. diane Says:

    Sure is a beautiful time to collect shots.

  4. MadSnapper Says:

    these all have layers and layers of sheer beauty

  5. sylviakirks Says:

    Such a beautiful collection of skies for the day, George!! I do love those colorful sunsets!! Hope you have a lovely weekend and a very Merry Christmas!!

  6. ladyfi Says:

    Such gorgeous shots!

  7. Betsyfromtennessee Says:

    Gorgeous. Wasn’t that a great trip? I loved seeing my hometown!!!!

  8. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    George, this last picture just has to be my favorite!! Then the middle one. But ALL beautiful!!! i learned something new today, I did not know about the Golden Hour! So if I go out to snap the sunset, would I be a Golden Girl snapping the golden Hour? Ha ha ha!!

  9. Linda at To Behold The Beauty Says:

    When enlarged, the second photo is just spectacular. Love the other two, as well; but that one stole my heart. 🙂

  10. rhiebert Says:

    Gorgeous light in these shots. Yes,you definitely were privileged to capture that golden hour.

  11. nealpt Says:

    That sure was a beautiful sunset. We really enjoyed that trip.

  12. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful and scenic.

  13. MaryBeth Says:

    I guess that’s what you call ‘driving of into the sunset’. I like. MB

  14. bertN Says:

    Beautiful pics! Merry Christmas.

  15. alskamom Says:

    Beautiful photos, George! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Betsy!

  16. Sartenada Says:

    I love especially the last photo. Gorgeous photos all of them.

  17. dayphoto Says:

    Your sky photos are just outstanding! You and I love the sky don’t we!!

    Happy 2014 George!!

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪HAPPY NEW YEAR ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  18. Rose Says:

    This is gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  19. Neal Says:

    Wow, those are great sunset photos. Between you at Betsy you have enough good sunsets and sunrises to make 10 years of calendars. 🙂

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