Down Memory Lane: Kuta Beach, Bali

1987 -- Kuta Beach

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

I spent most of the summer of 1987 teaching in the People’s Republic of China, but before beginning our teaching duties our group was able to spend four days on the island of Bali.

We stayed at Kuta Beach Resort, which seemed like the perfect island paradise to this farm boy from Indiana.  All of these photos were taken at the resort.  The images are scans from slides taken in 1987.

To see larger versions of these pictures and others, click HERE.

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16 Responses to “Down Memory Lane: Kuta Beach, Bali”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    I can’t imagine a trip to Bali! How awesome and beautiful!

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    What a great place to visit George.

  3. ladyfi Says:

    Great shots! I spent three years teaching English in China – in Hunan.

  4. Larry Says:

    I can imagine you were awe of both Bali and China

  5. sylviakirk Says:

    Beautiful place and great captures, George!! Good to see you online again!! Hope your week is going well!!

  6. dayphoto Says:

    I have always thought Bali would be a wonderful place to see. Thank you George.


  7. ewok1993 Says:

    Nice scenery. I am actually thinking of going to Bali in a few months to see what’s out there.

  8. rhiebert Says:

    Those are gorgeous scenes,even after all these years.

  9. Linda, Shenandoah Valley Says:

    Lovely images! Have you noticed that a monitor gives a nice backlit effect similar to slides?

  10. Jeevan Says:

    My uncle had been to bali and I have seen this place only in discovery channel. You got really wonderful photos (thought the link) on the island to cherish and feel nostalgic!

  11. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    Those are nice. Thanks for getting them online for us.

  12. Sartenada Says:

    Wonderful “historic” photos. I love Your tropical scenes in them. Thank You.

  13. small kucing Says:

    Been there once. Lovely place to visit

  14. diane Says:

    That must have been an exciting time.Happy memories. At the moment there is a drama there because hundreds of Australian tourists are stranded there due to flights being stopped because of volcanic ash in the sky. Brisbane airport is full of people trying to escape there for our winter. The flights have been cancelled.

  15. bertN Says:

    I’m hoping to see Bali in the not too distant future.

  16. Eileen Wise Says:

    Wow, Bali is beautiful. I would love to there, your images are lovely.

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