Morning in the Glade

The break of day on Druid Hills Golf Course, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  January 5, 2016.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Betsy and I are making a conscientious effort to stay healthy.  Our plan involves watching what we eat and trying to get in at least one long walk six days pr week.

Neither of us particular enjoys walking along the roads (there are no sidewalks in our area), so we much prefer walking the golf course.  That usually means getting up early so we can get our walk in before the golfers arrive.

On a cold, winter morning that is not always something to look forward to.  It’s hard to get up while it’s still dark and start trudging up those hills.  But on some mornings — this past Tuesday, for example — we are struck by the peaceful beauty of the place we are fortunate enough to call home.

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13 Responses to “Morning in the Glade”

  1. diane Says:

    Well done you two. I wouldn’t like getting up in the dark on a winter morning.

  2. Fishing Guy Says:

    What a great goal, I need the same.

  3. Betsy Adams Says:

    Love your explanation. It’s HARD to get up that early on a cold morning especially –but OH–how beautiful it is once we are outside… Gorgeous Panorama… Love it!


  4. sylviakirk Says:

    Oh, good for both of you!! I do walk, every day and have for a long time and thankfully it has resulted in excellent health — for an “old broad” in her mid 80s!! Keep it up!! The result is worth the effort indeed and particularly when you can catch a gorgeous scene like the one you’ve shared with us today!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Larry Says:

    You guys are doing great and I need to come live with you so I can have an inspiration and coaches.

  6. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    It’s good you have each other to push the other one out for the walks. What a beautiful sunrise.

  7. rhiebert Says:

    This is a beautiful shot.Early mornings are the best.

  8. Ms. A Says:

    You guys have some lovely scenery on your walks!

  9. Jeevan Says:

    I love winter mornings and always want to wake up early, but the coldness (although mild) wants to wrap in blanket! Glad u decided to stay fit and healthy… and that’s a wonderful shot on the winter dawn. Enjoy your each walk

  10. dayphoto Says:

    Your winter mornings are just wonderful. We have frost here and thick fog. Your morning is much better.


  11. Suz Says:

    Your early rising is rewarded with THAT view and YOUR great health! Keep up the good work you two. XO

  12. treadway Says:

    I think you have a beautiful place to walk…and what a beautiful picture.

  13. Sartenada Says:

    I was sick at the end of last year, but now ,I am better and together with my wife we make our daily walks!

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