Saint Patrick Rose

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

One of the newer roses that Betsy and I have in our garden is Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick is a hybrid tea rose that does very well in hot weather, which we’ve had plenty of over the past two years.

When Saint Patrick buds, the yellow buds are tinged with green (some people say chartreuse) — see the photo above, and the hotter the weather the more green there is along the edges.

But as the flower opens the green starts to fade away, and the yellow becomes more pronounced. This picture was taken the day after the one above.

By the third day there is very little green left, and the blossom is a beautiful yellow or gold. The blossoms are quite large and last for quite some time.

Saint Patrick is a rose we very much enjoy, especially during the heat of the summer.

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8 Responses to “Saint Patrick Rose”

  1. kim blades, writer Says:

    Hello. We have a similar rose here in South Africa called ‘Limelight’. The buds are very green and open up to a pale green flower that turns lemony as the flower opens fully and is exposed to the sun. Maybe they are the same rose, just have different names. I used to have one in my garden but it got eaten by ants.

  2. Betsy Adams Says:

    Wow—just gorgeous… I love St. Patrick –and you captured it’s different looks for 3 days… YEAH.. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. dayphoto Says:

    What an unusual rose! I think it is named very well.

  4. Ginny Hartzler Says:

    Just gorgeous, George! Perhaps it is called Saint Patrick because of that bit of green.

  5. rhiebert Says:

    I have never seen a rose with green on it’s petals.This is a stunner.The shape is that perfect rose shape as well.

  6. diane Says:

    It sure is a beautiful yellow in the end. That green tinge is unusual.

  7. Jeevan Says:

    Interesting transformation from green and lovely bloomed in three different shades!

  8. Sartenada Says:

    Wow. I love this beautiful rose. Its color is unusual.

    Thank You showing Your photos.

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