Fragrant Cloud

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We’ve had a big problem with deer this year — they’ve eaten all the buds and new growth from the roses in the front yard twice so far this year.  We’re just hoping they don’t come back for a third helping!

Fortunately we had some of our roses in containers on the deck and so far they have avoided becoming meals for our resident deer.  The first rose to bloom this year was Fragrant Cloud, has a fragrance as wonderful as her looks.

By the way, all of our container roses are now on the deck.  We don’t have much room to move around, but we’re beginning to have several roses in bloom, which we are enjoying.

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6 Responses to “Fragrant Cloud”

  1. Dayphoto Says:

    Lovely! Better roses for you than a meal for the deer!

  2. rhiebert Says:

    What a perfect rose!

  3. BetsyBanksAdams Says:

    Beautiful. Thanks be to God for the roses we have on the deck. What a year here so far!!!! Goodness Gracious!!!!!

  4. diane Says:

    It’s perfect. Shame about the deer.

  5. Jeevan Says:

    Gorgeous and aromatic! Enjoy the blossom and hope the deer does not return.

  6. Lrong Says:

    I am lucky that we don’t have deers here… but the wild boars are a big headache for us… 🙂

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