The Great Wall

(Note:  This picture may be enlarged by clicking on it using Control-click or right-click.)

I captured this image as a slide when I visited the Great Wall for the first time in 1987. I had climbed along the wall above the gate at Badaling (near Beijing), and was rewarded with the sight of the wall winding along the ridges and mountain tops. It was truly an amazing sight!

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6 Responses to “The Great Wall”

  1. Dayphoto Says:

    WOW! I’ll bet that was amazing to see. I also bet it is full of tourists now days

  2. Linda G. Says:


  3. diane Says:

    Lucky you to have been there. Great shot too and well done digitising it.

  4. Lrong Says:

    Wow, I envy you as I have not seen the Great Wall with my own eyes before…

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