A Rainy Day Waterfalls Trip

Betsy and I ‘collect’ waterfalls. Since we fell in love at Fall Creek Falls back in 2001, we’ve visited as many waterfalls as possible. We now have 277 waterfalls in our ‘collection’.

We do most of our hiking to waterfalls in the winter or spring, since that’s when most waterfalls have their greatest flow. Besides that, our lawn and flowers keep us busy in the summer.

We do try to do our hiking in good weather, but we’re not always successful. Earlier this year Betsy did some research on the internet and found two waterfalls at Lula Lake near Chattanooga, Lula Lake is owned by a private organization and is only open to the public on the first and last Saturday of the month.

We decided to go visit Lula Lake the last Saturday in March. It was cloudy when we left the Glade, but absolutely pouring by the time we got to Chattanooga. We went on to Lula Lake anyway and, because there were very few people there we were able to drive fairly close to the falls. We got soaked anyway.

On the way home we decided to swing by Lowry Creek in the Cherokee National Forest. Lowry Creek has a series of small waterfalls that can be reached by a relatively short hike along the creek-side. The trail was muddy (and steep) but definitely worth the effort.

To see pictures of our rainy day visits to waterfalls click HERE.

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One Response to “A Rainy Day Waterfalls Trip”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Man—we really did get wet that day didn’t we?????? Haven’t seen that kind of rain since that day—well, except when we were on our Anniversary Trip last month!!!!

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