An Anniversary Trip to a Special Place

A couple of days ago I told you about a waterfalling adventure that Betsy and I had in the rain.  We try to do a better job of scheduling our hikes and we are usually fairly successful.

A special place for the two of us is Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee.  Fall Creek Falls is about an hour from here, so we get to go back there fairly often.  Fall Creek Falls contains five beautiful waterfalls and has several hiking trails.

The reason Fall Creek Falls is so special to us is that we went there on a date on April 21, 2001.  We had dated a couple of times before that day, but by the time we left the park we realized that we were falling in love.

We try to get back to Fall Creek Falls at least once a year.  After we both retired, we try to get back there on April 21.  Although we didn’t do any hiking on that first visit, we now hike at least on trail each time we go.  Of course we also make a point to visit as many of the waterfalls as possible.

This year April 21 was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful hike and day at the park.  To see pictures from Fall Creek Falls, click HERE.

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