A Very Pleasant Surprise

As I mentioned, Betsy and I went to her hometown, Big Stone Gap, Virginia, over the weekend to attend a family reunion.  We had a nice time and I’ll probably have more to say about it in the days ahead.

Now that we have a GPS unit in the car we have travelled more back roads on our trips.  Our GPS — Miss Bar-Beak — knows where we are even on the back roads and can get us to where we want to go.

By taking the back roads we get to see some beautiful scenery that we otherwise would not see.  Sunday we were driving through the mountains when we saw a little green sign that said “Elrod Falls” and had an arrow pointing to the right.  Betsy and I looked at each other and asked “Do you think that’s a waterfall?”  Neither of us knew, but we decided to check it out.

We turned around and took the road designated by the sign.  We had a couple of false starts because that was the only sign we saw, but we finally got on the correct road and went further back into the mountains on a gravel road.

The road ended at a picnic area and a short path led us to Elrod Falls.  Since this part of the country is in the second year of a drought we were surprised to see a fair amount of water coming over the falls (see the picture above).

We met a couple who lived in the area at the falls and they said there was much more water in the late winter and early fall.  It looks like we’ll be going back there again!

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