Where Have All the Hours Gone?

I’m quickly finding that The Golden Years of Retirement are not at all the way I thought they would be during my working years.

I used to visualize having lots of time in which I could do all the things I didn’t have time to do while I was working.  To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat worried that I would be bored with not enough to do.

What a laugh!  Now all I want to do is find out why the days are so much shorter than they used to be.  Yesterday started out as usual — Betsy and I had breakfast and then we did our morning devotions.  I did some work out in the yard until noon, when we had our main meal of the day.  After the meal I worked on some of the many pictures I still have to organize and put into albums.  I then worked outside some more.

After our evening meal I  worked on some Christmas records that I’m converting to CDs.  (I’ve been working on those conversions for about four years and I hope I can finish within a year.)  Before I knew it, the weather was on TV and it was time to go to bed.

So where has all the time gone?  I know I’m not that much older and slower.  Someone must have cut out several hours from the day!

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2 Responses to “Where Have All the Hours Gone?”

  1. Carrizo Says:

    Well, it is nice to read that another “senior citizen” is also active with hobbies.

    I was retired in june 2004 after working 37 ½ years for our naltional air company Finniir. After that I was searching what to do in my life. Well, answer came later: Photographing, home pages and blogs. Also making videos and enjoying car driving when making “photograph tours”.

    I started my photograph tours by taking photos from churches in my country. At this moment I have more 340 photos from churches (inside / outside). When driving around in my country I noticed that there are plenty of interesting things to see and to photograph. I never knew my country so good when I was working for air line, because foreign countries are interesting to visit. But now I know “something” about my own country.

    Now I am waiting that my wife will be retired also. Sugh, still two and half years to wait.

    You have nice garden photos, I like them. My wife has “green thump” and we a small garden here.

    Regards Carrizo.

  2. Carol Says:

    I blogged about time going by too fast in retirement! It’s crazy.

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