Who Put the Holes in the Rain Clouds?

Does anyone know a rain dance?  If so, I’d like to meet you.

We’ve been in a drought here on the Plateau for the past two years.  I’ll admit that last year was much worse than this year, but it’s still frustrating.

Last weekend we had, according to the weather men on TV, a 100% chance of rain.  It poured to the north, east and south of us.  It rained to the west of us, but we (Crossville reporting station) got exactly nothing.  This past Thursday afternoon weather radar showed Crossville directly between Knoxville and a storm in central Kentucky.  The sky overhead here got dark and parts of Knoxville got so much rain that there was flooding in the streets.  We got enough rain to make the driveway damp, but that was it.

Betsy is quite an avid weather-watcher and has a big weather radar on her computer desktop.  She always spots rain heading our way and tells me about it.  But as more and more of those storms bypass us, poor Betsy gets more and more discouraged.

I’m ready to try that rain dance.  We definitely need the rain.

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