A Beautiful Sight

You may not think so, but the above picture is absolutely beautiful.  Why?  Because there is water coming down over the rocks on the side of the fairway behind our house.

For as long as we’ve lived here there has always been water coming down that hill after a hard rain.  A couple of years ago golf course workers cleared the underbrush from the rock face and cleaned up the area.  It really looks quite nice.  The only problem is that there hasn’t been much water going over the rock face since it was cleaned up.  That’s because of the drought we’ve had here for the past two years.

But we’ve had almost four inches of rain over the past two days.  We’re still behind on rainfall for the year, but these four inches have sure been welcome.  And what’s even better, we have a good chance of getting more rain over the next couple of days!

Hopefully I’ll get more beautiful pictures!


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Sight”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Finally our own little waterfall —right in our backyard!!!! WOW!

  2. Sartenada Says:

    It is beautiful.

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