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Skywatch Friday: A Hint of Rain

September 10, 2010

The skies above Rich Mountain, Townsend, Tennessee. September 9, 2010.

This is my post for Skywatch Friday, a meme for sharing views of the sky from all over the world.  To see more, or to join and share your own photos of the sky, click HERE.

The skies in this picture may not look pretty to you, but they look absolutely beautiful to us.

If you’ve followed my posts for any length of time you know that we’ve had a very dry summer here in eastern Tennessee.  We got some rain in the Glade on Wednesday, which was very welcome.  The weather service says that more rain is coming on Friday and Saturday, and we’re looking forward to it.  For once we’re hoping the forecast for rain on the weekend is correct.

The picture above was taken near Townsend, Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Betsy and I had taken a drive to the Smokies to visit some areas we hadn’t visited before.  I’ll tell you more about our trip next week.

We Got Some Rain!

December 11, 2008
Water going over a falls down the hill from our house.

Water going over a falls down the hill from our house.

I’m happy to report that the front that brought all the wind I mentioned in my last post actually brought us some much-needed rain.  It started to rain about nightfall Tuesday, and as far as we can tell it rained all night.

When Betsy got up to put out her bird feeders Wednesday morning, she could see and hear water running down the edge of the fairway behind the house.  We also had water running down the roadside ditch in front of the house.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen either of those things happen.

We saw the  waterfall  in the picture above as we were on our way to the grocery store (Senior Discount Day at Kroger!).  This little waterfall is down the hill from our house and has been dry for months.  It sure looks a lot better with water!

All in all I have to admit that the rain makes all the aggrevations caused by the wind very worthwhile!


October 9, 2008
Rain in our rain gague.  October 8, 2008..

Rain in our rain gague. October 8, 2008..

The picture above is absolutely beautiful!

I’ll admit that it’s really not something spectacular — just a picture that I took Wednesday afternoon of the rain gauge on our deck.  After weeks of being bone dry, this picture actually shows water in the gauge.

It started to sprinkle late Tuesday afternoon and continued off and on until early Wednesday afternoon.  It never did rain real hard — at least while I was awake — but we ended up with about 1.8 inches of rain.  This is the first rain we’ve had in over six weeks.

We usually would have some runoff after getting that much rain in 24 hours, but I could see no signs at all of runoff around the house.  I guess that’s an advantage of having a slow rain.  Of course we need another 2 or 3 inches to get caught up for the year, but this rainfall sure was nice.

So Near and Yet So Far

September 11, 2008

The picture above is the total rainfall for Wednesday, September 10, 2008, here in eastern Tennessee.  You’ll notice that Crossville got the most recorded rain — 1.64 inches.

We live six miles from downtown Crossville.  We went into Crossville yesterday morning to do our weekly grocery shopping, and although it was cloudy, there was no rain.  After we got back home, we started getting a little drizzle, and after a while our driveway was damp.  Then we heard thunder!  Finally, we were going to get some rain!  We really need it.

It drizzled for a couple of hours and then stopped.  I checked the rain gauge and it was damp, but that was about all — it didn’t even make it to 0.01 inches of rain.  We were so disappointed.

And then Betsy noticed that there was a flood advisory for central Cumberland County (that’s us!!!).  Then we learned about all that rain in Crossville.

It looks like we’ll have to do some watering in the yard today.  All that rain — so near and yet so far!

A Beautiful Sight

July 30, 2008

You may not think so, but the above picture is absolutely beautiful.  Why?  Because there is water coming down over the rocks on the side of the fairway behind our house.

For as long as we’ve lived here there has always been water coming down that hill after a hard rain.  A couple of years ago golf course workers cleared the underbrush from the rock face and cleaned up the area.  It really looks quite nice.  The only problem is that there hasn’t been much water going over the rock face since it was cleaned up.  That’s because of the drought we’ve had here for the past two years.

But we’ve had almost four inches of rain over the past two days.  We’re still behind on rainfall for the year, but these four inches have sure been welcome.  And what’s even better, we have a good chance of getting more rain over the next couple of days!

Hopefully I’ll get more beautiful pictures!

Who Put the Holes in the Rain Clouds?

July 27, 2008

Does anyone know a rain dance?  If so, I’d like to meet you.

We’ve been in a drought here on the Plateau for the past two years.  I’ll admit that last year was much worse than this year, but it’s still frustrating.

Last weekend we had, according to the weather men on TV, a 100% chance of rain.  It poured to the north, east and south of us.  It rained to the west of us, but we (Crossville reporting station) got exactly nothing.  This past Thursday afternoon weather radar showed Crossville directly between Knoxville and a storm in central Kentucky.  The sky overhead here got dark and parts of Knoxville got so much rain that there was flooding in the streets.  We got enough rain to make the driveway damp, but that was it.

Betsy is quite an avid weather-watcher and has a big weather radar on her computer desktop.  She always spots rain heading our way and tells me about it.  But as more and more of those storms bypass us, poor Betsy gets more and more discouraged.

I’m ready to try that rain dance.  We definitely need the rain.