My Internet-Trained Nurse

Those of you who know Betsy know she is an avid internet researcher.  If there is a subject you’re not sure about, a quick Google inquiry by Betsy can make you an expert.

Betsy did research on hernias before my recent surgery, so we had a pretty good idea about what needed to be done.  After my surgery she did more research to check on what the surgeon told her.

And she’s still hard at work.  I had fifteen surgical staples removed on Monday and the surgical dressing left all kinds of adhesive on my stomach.  As a result my shirt would stick to me, which wasn’t always pleasant.  Alcohol didn’t seem to work in getting the adhesive off, so my nurse went to the the internet and Google.  Cellophane tape was suggested — put it over the adhesive and s-l-o-w-l-y remove the tape.  That wasn’t my favorite procedure, but it did seem to help.  Another internet suggestion that helped somewhat was clear nail polish remover.

Although things are now better, we didn’t get off all the adhesive.  But I shouldn’t worry — Betsy has two more internet-inspired possibilities:  vegetable oil or peanut butter.

Did I say I shouldn’t worry?

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