Cool Memories for a Hot Afternoon

Ozone Falls, Crab Orchard, Tennessee.  February 10, 2007.

Ozone Falls, Crab Orchard, Tennessee. February 10, 2007.

Yesterday was another hot, dry day up here on the Plateau. The weatherman isn’t offering us much hope for relief from either the high temperatures or the lack of rain. I’m sure some of the people in Florida would be glad to send us some of their rain, if only we could figure out a way to get it up here!

Since it was too hot to work outside for much of the afternoon, I worked on some of my digital photo albums instead. One album that I came across was a set of pictures we took at Ozone Falls back in February, 2007.

That trip to Ozone Falls was a great one to recall on a hot summer day. There were icicles all around the falls on that day. It made things seem a little cooler just looking at the pictures.

Ozone Falls is a small waterfall about ten miles from our house. It’s in the Ozone State Natural Area which is really quite a small area with the 110 foot waterfall. The trail to the top of the falls is very short, although the trail to the base of the falls is a bit longer and involves a scramble down a rocky path. But the scramble is definitely worth it.

To see pictures of our cool visit to Ozone Falls click HERE.

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