Fickle Fay

Tropical Storm Fay over Florida

Tropical Storm Fay over Florida

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay was certainly one for the record books — four landfalls in Florida over the course of a week and 30+ inches of rain in some areas. It was absolutely unbelievable.

Betsy’s cousin Bonnie lives in Melbourne, Florida, and they got plenty of rain from Fay. Betsy did a blog on the river flowing through the street where Bonnie and her husband live. If you haven’t read that blog you can do so by clicking HERE.

For the first day or so after Fay landed on the mainland of Florida the forecasters were expecting it to move north. We were really excited about that possibility up here in dry Tennessee — we need the rain!

But then Fay stalled and stayed over Florida, and stayed and stayed and stayed. All that rain where they didn’t need any more! It was enough to make a grown man (me) cry!!!

Finally Fay started to move — WEST!!! The Florida panhandle, Georgia, and Alabama got rain and more rain. We got nothing.

Fay, by now a depression, finally moved north yesterday — toward Memphis and west Tennessee. Memphis has had above normal rainfall this year!

Up here on the Plateau we really need the rain — we’ve had less than 0.05 inches so far this month. If only Fay had come this way! Why are women so fickle?

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