Celebrating Monthaversaries

Our wedding day -- June 23, 2001.

Our wedding day -- June 23, 2001.

Since I was 59 when Betsy and I got married, we realized we probably wouldn’t have as many anniversaries as some couples do. (Mom and Dad celebrated their 68th anniversary this past May!). So we decided to celebrate monthaversaries on the 23rd of each month as well as anniversaries.

Our celebration usually consists of going out for dinner. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant — just something to remind us of how fortunate we are and how much we have to celebrate.

Yesterday we celebrated our 86th monthaversary by going to Cookeville and eating at the Golden Corral Restaurant (Betsy just loves the cheese-garlic biscuits and the peanut butter cookies). Since we’re both senior citizens the cost was very reasonable and the air conditioning in the car on the drive over gave us a chance to get a break from the hot weather.

It wasn’t a spectacular celebration, but it was definitely special. I’m already looking forward to our next monthaversary celebration.

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  1. gpcox Says:

    A good idea.

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