Bumping The Limits of Technology

My Apple iMac.

My Apple iMac.

I really do love my iMac and most Apple software.  I’ve been a Mac user for almost 20 years and I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to use a PC.

I’ve had this Mac for about six years now.  Most of the time I have no problems, but lately I’ve been having a problem with Apple’s iWeb application.

When I started writing this blog in January, 2007, I was using iWeb for the blog itself and also for my photo pages.  Things went very well until April of this year when iWeb suddenly stopped publishing my blog.  After several days of experimentation I discovered that by deleting entries from my blog archive I could resume writing and publishing.

Things went well until mid-July, when once again iWeb quit publishing my blog.  That time I moved my blog to this site, removed the blog archives from the old site, and continued to use iWeb to publish photo pages to my old site.

Earlier this week iWeb stopped publishing again.  Further investigation showed that I’ve bumped up against the limits of memory (RAM) in my computer.  Betsy and I were going to get new computers this spring, but we changed our mind.  Perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea.

I’ve ordered some more RAM memory for my computer to get me through until Tennessee’s next tax-free weekend.  When the memory arrives I’ll have to perform surgery on my computer.  I’ll keep you posted!

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